How to activate DJI FPV Drone?


This guide shows you how to activate your DJI FPV drone step-by-step.

Things You Should Know Before Activation

  • Your smartphone or tablet is compatible with the DJI Fly app. If you are not sure, just check this post for details.
  • You have a good internet connection
  • Your mobile device has enough battery life to finish the activation process.
  • You have updated the latest firmware


How to activate DJI FPV Drone?

Step 1 Download the DJI Fly app and install it on your smartphone or tablet.

You can scan the QR code on to download the DJI Fly app or download it from the App Store on your mobile device.

download dji fly app

Step 2 Activate the battery. Before using the battery for the first time, you need to connect it to the charger for more than 1 minute to complete activation.

activate DJI FPV battery

Step 3 Insert the battery into the DJI FPV drone and remove the gimbal cover and the protective film on the gimbal camera.

Press the aircraft power button once, and then press and hold it for 2 seconds to power on the drone.

power on DJI FPV


Step 4 Connect the DJI Googles to the goggles battery and power on it the same way as you did for the aircraft, then power on the remote controller the same way.

power on dji fpv remote and goggles

Step 5 Connect the OTG cable via the USB-C port on the goggles and connect your mobile device using a charging cable.

connect DJI fpv goggles to mobile device

Step 6 After you successfully connecting the aircraft, goggles, and remote controller, open the DJI Fly app and tap on the blue ‘Activate‘ button at the lower-right corner to start the proccess.


Step 7 Log in or register a DJI account. Then tap on ‘NEXT‘, after you confirm your account information.

login dji fly app

Tap on ‘Activate‘ and wait, the aircraft will restart during the process, make sure you don’t quit the DJI Fly app.

activate DJI FPV drone

Things to do after activation

  1. Make sure you charge the intelligent flight battery, goggles battery, and the remote controller before flying.
  2. Read the manual carefully to ensure you are ready for your first flight.



1. If you can’t activate it with your mobile device, try to do it with DJI Assistant 2 on your PC or Mac.

DJI Assisstant 2 for DJI FPV

2. The aircraft, Goggles, and remote controller are linked by default, if you have problem linking them, please check the linking tutorial below.

link dji fpv with goggles and remote controller


6 thoughts on “How to activate DJI FPV Drone?”

  1. This is driving me nuts!. My components are on and synched, but DJI Fly won’t work with either my tablet or phone. Assistant 2 on my pc (latest version) has found the Avata and updated software, but I can’t find anything which allows me to “activate!.

  2. Just bought a dji fpv drone. I’m having the hardest time trying to activate the goggles. If someone could point me in the right direction, it would greatly appreciated. Btw, I am using an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  3. having a heck of a time activating. Keep getting a verification code, multiple times that won’t work. Any help would be appreciated

    1. What is the verification code? If you use an Android device, make sure you download the DJI Fly app on, not the app store. You can also try to activate it with a different device.

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