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The Best microSD Card for DJI FPV Drone


DJI FPV drone has no internal storage and doesn’t come with a microSD memory card in the package. You need to prepare an sd card and insert it into the drone each time before flying or you will not be able to record any videos or photos.

This article explains what memory cards are compatible with, how many sd cards you will need, and helps you find the best SD card for the DJI FPV drone.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick overview:

64 GB

128 GB

Why You Should Trust Me?

As the founder of, I have nearly 5 years of experience working with DJI. During my time there, I was in charge of the DJI Online Store operation and participated in every major new product launch. I also initiated the introduction of the microSD cards that are now selling on the DJI Store.

I am an experienced drone pilot, and I own a Phantom 3 Advanced, a Mavic Pro, a Mavic 2 Pro, and a Mavic Mini. I have more than 10 micro SD cards for my drones.

DJI FPV Drone microSD Card Requirements

According to DJI, the DJI FPV drone requires microSD cards that are UHS-I Speed Grade 3, up to 256 GB. Because DJI FPV is capable of 4K/60fps videos, the writing speed of the sd card you use must be at least 30MB/s.

If your existing sd cards meet the requirement, then you can use them directly on your DJI FPV drone. If you don’t have any compatible sd cards, it’s better to choose from DJI’s recommended list.


DJI FPV microSD Card Buying Guide

Which size should you choose?

64 GB is fairly enough for most pilots. When recording 4k videos, a 64 GB memory card can hold a video of more than 1 hour long. The max flight time of one DJI FPV drone battery is 20 minutes which is measured under ideal conditions, the real battery life is less than this.

How many SD cards do you need?

It’s recommended to prepare at least 2 microSD cards. One of the big concerns or risks of flying an FPV Drone is a crash, FPV drone has a faster speed and requires advanced flying skills. The DJI FPV does pack a lot of safety features compared to normal FPV drones, but it’s still a fast FPV drone.

If it crashes or flies away, you will lose not only the drone but also your videos. And you never know when it may happen. Having 2 sd cards means you can change the sd card when you change the battery so you can back up your videos or photos timely. Also, an extra one is a backup if the other is broken or lost.

For those who have several batteries, it’s recommended to buy an equal number of your battery, e.g. you have 4 batteries, then you’d better get 4 sd cards.

Which sd cards you should buy?

DJI has already provided a recommended sd card list upon launch. As I used to work at DJI, I know that every time DJI launches a new drone, the R&D team will test a lot of microSD cards for many hours and compile a list of the best ones.

If you need to buy new sd cards, just follow the list below.


DJI Recommended Memory card List


SanDisk High Endurance U3 V30

SanDisk Extreme PRO U3 V30 A2

SanDisk Extreme U3 V30 A2

Samsung EVO U3 (Yellow)


Samsung EVO Plus U3 (Red)



SanDisk Extreme U3 V30 A2  


Lexar High Endurance 128GB U3 V30


Lexar 667x V30 128GB



SanDisk Extreme U3 V30 A2


Samsung EVO Plus U3

Netac 256GB U3 A1


1. What is the max size of the DJI FPV sd card?

The Max size of sd cards that the DJI FPV drone supported is 256 GB.

2. Can you fly without an sd card?

Yes. You can fly with no sd card, the only problem is you can’t record any videos or capture any photos.

3. Where is the DJI FPV drone sd card slot?

DJI FPV’s sd card slot is under the gimbal camera, beside the USB-C port. Here is a picture that shows you where it is.

DJI FPV sd card slot

4. What file format does DJI FPV use?

DJI FPV uses both exFAT and FAT32 formats, but exFAT is recommended.


What else you may need?

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4 thoughts on “The Best microSD Card for DJI FPV Drone”

  1. Why do the videos from the DJI fpv drone are only 3mins or so long but the videos from the goggles are for the length of the flight.
    And what causes the video to lag from the drone can it be the weather ie wind or is it the sd card ? Please help.
    Thanks Darren

    1. Hi Darren, Videos from your FPV drone are limited to 4GB each because of the FAT32 format. I think your sd card is using the FAT32 file system. Maybe the videos from your goggles are cached files.

      What sd card do you use? You can refer to the list to check if your card is compatible.

  2. There is also a Micro SD slot on the goggles. Does it record the video from inside the headset ? I just got one for my son and trying to work out how many cards to buy. Your article is well written (thanks) but overlooked the goggles card slot (if it is relevant).

    1. this is wrong you can record from goggles or drone independently or bolth as the same time they are not cached files it is recommended to have a card in bolth your goggles and in your drone . also the fpv drone does not Cache videos at all and there is no settings for cache unlike most of there other drones taping or double taping the record button on the controller wil start recording on the drone or double tap for record on the goggles if the sd card is only inserted in the goggles the controller record button will still activate the goggles recording or you can use the goggles independent button

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