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The Best DJI GO 4 Compatible Devices (Updated 2022)

DJI GO 4 Compatible devices

This article tells you how to choose a DJI GO 4 compatible device and lists most of the phones and tablets that you can use.

One thing that  Mavic or Spark pilots may overlook is to get a DJI GO 4 compatible device. Almost everyone now owns a smartphone or a tablet, but it might not be able to run the App smoothly.

Sometimes, using the wrong phone or tablet could result in a drone crash because the App may freeze, quit unexpectedly, or lag during flying.  

So here comes the question:

How do I know if my phone or tablet is compatible?

The quickest way is to check HERE to see if your device falls into the list or is newer than that.

If so, just go ahead, you won’t have a problem.

If what you are using is not in the list or older, you just need to make sure your device meets the system requirements of DJI GO 4,  then you can download the App and have a test.

If none of the above works for you, you’ll need to consider getting a new one.


Why you should trust me?

As the founder of Cutofdrone, I have nearly 5 years of experience working with the world’s leading drone manufacturer DJI. During my time there, I participated in every major new product launch from Phantom 3 to Mavic 2.

I am also an experienced drone pilot, and I own a Phantom 3 Advanced, a Mavic Pro, a Mavic 2 Pro, a Mavic Mini, and a Mavic Air 2.


What you will learn in this article

# List of DJI GO 4 Compatible tablets and smartphones (Updated 2019)

# Best DJI GO 4 Compatible iOS Devices

# Best DJI GO 4 Compatible Android Devices

# Things you should consider when buying a new one

# Tips for using a tablet to fly your DJI Mavic or Spark

# Conclusion

DJI GO 4 Compatible Devices

Best DJI GO 4 Compatible iOS Devices

As you may need a new device, so it’s better to go with the latest ones that have the most powerful processor so you don’t need to update it too soon. Here is the list of the best tablet and smartphones for DJI Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, Mavic 2, and Spark. 

iPad mini 5 (2019)

iPad Air (2019)

iPad Pro (2018)

iPad (2018)

iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro

iPhone 13

iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12

iPhone 12 mini

iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro


Best DJI GO 4 Compatible Android Devices


The best option: DJI CrystalSky


If you are looking for a tablet that is only used for your Mavic or Phantom drones, then this is it. The ultra-bright screen is designed for outdoor use, especially in direct sunlight, you don’t need any monitor hood or sunshade to get a clear view. It comes with a built-in battery that allows you to fly for more than 4 hours. The only thing I would say is the price. If you are not a pro user, you should go with a tablet that can also be used for entertainment.

>>Check Price on Amazon Now<<

Also great: Samsung Galaxy Tab S4


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Budget choice: Huawei MediaPad M5

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The best option: Samsung Galaxy S9+

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Also great: Huawei P20 Pro


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Budget Pick: OnePlus 6

>>Check Price on Amazon Now<<

Things you should consider when buying a new one

After doing some research, asking opinions from experts, we figured out a few questions as our standards of best devices for DJI GO 4.

1. What are the system requirements of DJI GO 4?

  • DJI GO 4 iOS: Requires iOS 10.0.0 or later (Mavic 2 Pro/Zoom requires iOS 10.0.2 or later).
  • DJI GO 4 Android: Requires Android 5.0 or later.

So any device that can’t run the above system smoothly is a big NO.

2. What is the price?

Unless you are in the market for a new phone or device, then it’s not likely to buy a new tablet that is even more expensive than your DJI Mavic Air or Spark. 

3. When it was released?

We believe it’s more practical to choose devices that were released in the recent 2 years. Old models do come cheap, but they are either not available or you can only buy renewed versions. Most importantly, they may not be compatible with the latest iOS or Android systems in the near future. 

4. Should I choose Android or iOS?

It’s an open secret that iOS compatibility is better than Android when it comes to DJI GO 4 App. If you’ve already got an Android phone or tablet, or you have so many personal reasons to not use an iPad, then you can go with Android, otherwise, I recommend you choose an iOS device.

5. Should I care about the Brightness

Brightness is one of the most important things you should consider when choosing a device for your drone. Typically, more than 90% of your flying will happen outdoors, the brighter the screen is, the better view you will get. 

Note: If you have to fly under direct sunlight, unless you use a DJI CrystalSky, you can see nothing even if you set the brightness of your device to its maximum level. Another solution is to get a sunshade that can be attached to the remote controller

6. Should I go with a WiFi-only or Cellular tablet?

If you are not on a tight budget, it’s sure better to choose a cellular one. Here are the reasons:

You may not be able to use DJI Mavic or Spark’s Follow Me mode, set dynamic home point to your current location or other intelligent flight modes that require GPS because most WiFi-only devices have no GPS.

Your maps won’t work without access to the internet. If you are traveling or flying outdoors, you will have to cache the map area in advance. But this is really inconvenient and you don’t know exactly what maps you want to save.

The solution for a WiFi-only tablet is to attach Bluetooth GPS like XGPS150A and connect it to your smartphone personal hotspot or other devices that have access to the internet.


List of DJI GO 4 Compatible devices (Updated 2021)

We have checked the official DJI website, done research on drone forums, social media, and then figured out a list that contains most of the compatible devices available on the market. 








Amazon: Amazon Fire HD 8, Amazon Fire HD 10

Google: Google Pixel 2XL(2017), Google Pixel (2016)

OnePlus: OnePlus 7TOnePlus 6T, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T

Acer: Acer Iconia One 10

Nvidia: Nvidia Shield K1

Mi: Mi Mix 2S, Mi Mix 2, Mi 8, Mi 6, Redmi Note 5


Vivo: Vivo X20, Vivo X9

Note: All these devices are also compatible with the DJI GO App, if you are a DJI Phantom pilot, you will have no problem.


Tips for using a tablet to fly your DJI Mavic or Spark

dji mavic controller

1. Most of the time you will need a tablet mount to secure your device on the remote controller, the DJI Spark or Mavic remote controller arms only support mobile devices that are no taller than 6.8”. If you are using an iPad mini, then the tablet holder is not necessary.

2. If you use a tablet holder to mount your device, then you may need an extra cable to connect the device and the remote controller because the original one might be too short.

3. Disable the Calibrate Map Coordinates (For China Mainland) setting if you’re not flying in China.

4. Before opening DJI GO 4, shut down all the other running Apps to make sure the DJI GO App runs smoothly.

5. Turn your screen brightness to its max level or turn the Auto-Brightness setting on.

6. Make sure you don’t turn off the volume so that you won’t miss any important notifications or alerts that may occur in DJI GO 4.



As there are so many devices out there, it’s impossible for us to check all of them, so there might be even better ones we haven’t found. But the ones listed here won’t let you down. We welcome all the pilots to share their thoughts by leaving a comment below, so we can keep updating our list to help more people.

103 thoughts on “The Best DJI GO 4 Compatible Devices (Updated 2022)”

  1. Hey, would the Blackview A55 be compatible with the app (it’s kind of an unknown brand but can be found on Amazon)? I broke my iPhone and am looking for a cheap replacement phone while awaiting for iPhone 15 in September. But I still want to be able to use the drone 😅 Any advice would be appreciated, cheers. John

    1. Hi John, looks like no one has experience with this model, you will need to check the specs carefully to see if it meets the requirements.

  2. Hi ALEX, Many Thanks for Educating me on Using my iPad Mini 4 Wi-fi / Cellular Shale Grey Colour Tablet for My Wonderful DJI SPARK Drone. Why Because of The Issues with Android 12 update for DJI GO4 / FLY APPS. downloading these APPS This Year in 2022. With The New IPAD MINI 6 And Later Models Does the DJIGO4 APP WORK OK, OR NOT YET. THANKS AGAIN IOS ALL THE WAY HERE. IOS IS NOW 15.7.1

  3. Ipad mini 6 is NOT compatible with DJI Phantom 4 Pro. The controller does not connect to the DJI go 4 app it is all over the forums it seems to be related to USB C potentially. I would love to be proven wrong!!

    1. Hi Jonathon, thank you. I have removed the iPad mini 6. It’s really a shame that it’s not compatible but I think it’s just a matter of time for DJI to update the app.

      1. Why are LG phones not compatible to use.I had just bought a new LG $1100 phone afew months prior to purchasing my Mavic Pro drone only to find out its not compatible….CRAZY!!!SO DISAPPOINTING

        1. My LG V30 was compatible with the GO4 app. No problems with it, until the screen of the phone died on me (from an unrelated problem)

    2. I have a ipad air 4 which doesn’t connect to my p4p using go 4 or dji gs pro either. Yet my 2019 ipad pro runs it fine.

    3. OK Thanks, However Is I Pad Mini 5 ( 2019) Compatible With The DJI SPARK Controller. TO Download DJIGO4 / FLY APPS Via Android At Present, I Have Downloaded APK Installer And Have Now Downloaded These APPS On To My Android Phone Device Successfully. Google Play Store Has Not Been Successful .THANKS

  4. Any ideas on ‘21 iPad Pro 11 I haven’t been able to get my iPad to pull up DJI go 4 once, and I special ordered it for just this purpose, I’ve tried using 3 different usb-type c cables with no luck, they all worked fine with my androids, anyone running DJI go 4 on a new iPad Pro?

  5. Thanks for all your info. Have you or anyone tested the Dji Go 4 with the Galaxy s20 plus? I’m using the Mavic 2 Pro. Thanks!

    1. I have been trying to fly with my S20 ultra but it keep giving me the feedback image transmission error or adjust antenna… But if I fly it on my phone 11 it flies with no issues

    2. John George Wood

      Works fine on my Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Also runs on my older Galaxy Note 9, Which I have now dedicated as its primary function.

      Hope it helps

  6. I’m using Realme 6 pro, and cannot start DJI GO 4 app! Actually, the app runs normally only for the first time after the installation. The next time of using, it crashes. If you want to continue using the app, the only way is to uninstall and then reinstall it. Even by this way, you can only use it only 1 time after reinstallation. Should be considered carefully.

  7. Hi. I have in mind to buy the Redmi Note 9 or the Oppo Reno Z, is it known if they are compatible or is there a problem? Thank you

      1. Hallo.
        Würde mir gerne von Huawei das Mediapad T5 mit 2 gb ram und 16 gb Speicher kaufen.
        Ist dies auch kompatibel?

        Viele. Dank.

  8. Hi! I’m planning to buy the Realme 6 Pro, May I ask if it is compatible with DJI Go 4 App? I have a Mavic Air. Thank you.

      1. Hi I’m having problems getting my new iPad Pro 11 to connect or even recognize my p4 advance or even my inspire 1 pro, I’ve tried 3 different 3rd part usb-type c cables to no avail, the iPad acts like it’s charging for a split second then nothing??? Do I need a certain cable? Is anyone successfully using a newer iPad Pro with DJI go4?

    1. Hi Dany, I am not sure if Google Pixel 2 is compatible or not. It’s not in the list doesn’t mean it won’t work with the app. If you have already got the device you just need to download the app to see if you can install it on your phone. If you want to buy this one for flying your drone, I recommend you get a newer one cz this one was released in 2017.

  9. Javier Villalobos

    Hello I need know it Is possible the Motorola e 6 play área working fine with the app, only for use the app and fly?

    1. Hi Javier, the Moto E6 Play should be no problem. Have you already got the device or you just want to buy this one?

  10. Buen dia, tengo un Mavic 2 pro, lo he volado sin ningún problema con un Iphone 6, para ver mas grande la información en la pantalla, he comprado una Tablet Huawei MediaPad T3 10 Single SIM 2GB + 16GB (AGS-L0), la version del Androd 7.0. Tengo problemas en el enlace del control remoto con el drone no lo hace, solicito la ayuda para solucionar este problema del enlace. Gracias

  11. Hey steve i have a samsung galaxy tab S2 and has ran dji go 4 with p4pro no probs from day 1 then about a week ago i changed battery in it and Boom!will not in any way connect with controller and in turn device,i really hope you can help

    1. Hi Adam, sorry for the late reply. Have you updated your device or drone? If you just charged the battery, it wouldn’t have had a connection issue. You may need to check your drone to make sure they are all up-to-date.

      It also reminds me that the DJI Fly App has some connection issues with the Samsung phones and tablets which are running Android 10. You may also need to ask DJI to see if it’s the same problem.

    2. Ciao se ho capito bene hai cambiato la batteria del controller….probabilmente deve essere nuovamente associato al drone come un raccomando nuovo

  12. Hello! Huawei Mate 10 Lite is not listed here. Does this mean that this smartphone is not supported or just not tested? I installed DJI GO 4, the application is running, but there is currently no drone to try. Maybe someone has experience with Huawei Mate 10 Lite?

    1. Hi Askolds, the Huawei Mate 10 Lite is not tested. You can follow the instructions in the article to check the specs to see if it’s compatible.

  13. Glenn eric dela Vega

    Hi Steve, why don’t the xiaomi mi9t pro not compatible with the application?
    I tried to redownload and installed it several times and every time I open the apps it says “DJI go 4 keeps stopping”.

    1. Hi Glenn, theoretically, the Xiaomi 9T Pro should work because it meets the system requirement. Some people had the similar issue after they upgraded the DJI GO 4, so I guess it might be the update that caused it. Anyway, I think you can try this: Before launching the DJI Go 4, close ALL apps, turn WiFi and Bluetooth off. Hope it helps. Otherwise, you will need to use another one.

  14. Siegfried Strümpel

    Entschuldigung ich muss nochmals stören.
    Hier die Daten
    Vom Tab A
    32 GB Wi-Fi
    64 Bit Octa Core Prozessor
    2 GB RAM
    8 MP AF + 5MP
    6,150 mag Batterie
    Nochmals Danke für Ihre Hilfe
    MfG Siegfried Strümpel

    1. Hi Siegfried, I am sorry that I have made a mistake when I translated your comment via Google. I thought your drone is the new Mavic Mini. For Mavic 2 Zoom, I did saw someone fly with the Samsung Tablet A, but I still suggest you download the App to your tablet to see if it runs smoothly, and then you test it in an open area. Don’t fly beyond line of sight until you confirm. Sorry again for any inconvenience this may cause you.

  15. Siegfried Strümpel

    Danke für die schnelle Antwort ! Ich habe noch ein Samsung Tab A SM-T510.
    Gib es da irgendwelche Erfahrungen. Ansonsten werde ich mich für ein Apple Ipad entscheiden.
    Danke nochmals für die Hilfe
    Mit freundlichen Grüßen
    Siegfried Strümpel

    1. Hi Siegfried, for the Samsung Tab A, you just need to follow the instructions in the article to check if it comes with an ARM 64-bit CPU. If so, then it’s no problem. Hope this would help you out.

  16. Siegfried Strümpel

    Hallo wie ist es mit denn Fire Tablets von Amazon. Habe einen Mavic Zoom
    Bin in der Sache Neuling.
    Danke für die Antwort

    1. Hi Siegfried, looks like Amazon Fire HD 10 and 8 are compatible, but I don’t own an Amazon tablet, so I can’t not 100% sure. You may need to test it.

  17. Halloo, im Ari from Indonesia
    I have mavic air, and i’ve just bought ipad mini 4 wifi only to get more big screen.
    Then i have an issue, my ipad mini 4 couldn’t connect to dji go 4. It always ask me to activate my aircraft and always failed. My ios is 13.3. Please help me with ur suggestion, thanks alot

    1. Hi Ari, this is kind of beyond my scope but I will try to help you out. Looks like you can’t activate your drone. When you failed, what’s the error message? Then you can contact DJI or the local retailer (if you bought from them). Or is it because you didn’t do it with your iPad mini connected to wifi?

  18. I have the samsung note 9 and have been unable to get it to work with the phantom 4 pro. I’ve spent several hours on the phone with dji troubleshooting but never got the issue fixed. They finally said the phone is not compatible and recommended trying a different device.

  19. Hello, I bought a DJI Mavic Air last day.
    In web of DJI Go 4 is don’t be Huawei P30 Pro in the compatibilities. Are you sure Huawei P30 Pro is compatibility with DJI Go Pro and won’t have a problem?

    Thanks a lot!

  20. Hi I am using a Sony Xperia XZ3 and I can not find it listen anywhere but the phone is equipped with Android 9. Do You think it will work?
    Kind regards Jan Sweden

    1. Hi Peter, although I didn’t test this model, I think the Huawei P9 is a little be too old, it runs Android 6 and seems unable to upgrade to higher versions, I really don’t recommend it.

  21. Hi Steve,I just brought a dji spark ,I have a Huawei nova 2 plus and had a lot of issue connecting the remote to the drone..after reading this article I have ordered a xiaomi redmi note 5 ai edition..I’m hoping this will work.please advice .thanks!!

    1. Hi Bob, the Redmi note 5 ai edition does meet the DJI Go 4 system requirements, so it should be no problem. Be sure to test it before you go out to fly.

  22. Hi planning to buy a xiaomi redmi note 6 pro. As my Huawei Nova 2 plus is not working with spark..I was told not buy any Huawei phone to connect for dji go 4 the above good to go with the go4 app?

    1. Hi Jipson, the Redmi note 6 pro meets the App’s system requirements, theoretically, it’s no problem, but you still need to test the App’s compatibility before flying. When I was working there I also heard a lot about the Huawei phone issues, but for DJI, they only test devices that have a large market share.

  23. Looking to use a 2019 version of the samsung galaxie tab A 8inch with a mavic pro im picking up tomorrow. Tablets on sale for black friday. Should i grab the tablet to run my mavic pro?

  24. Hi, can I use my Redmi Note 7 for DJI Fly app?

    I mean, I already installed it perfectly fine but yet to order the drone (Mavic Mini) because of these compatibility issues.

    1. Hi Muhd, I think it should be no problem. The Redmi Note 7 runs Mi UI which is based on Android pie, it meets the DJI Fly system requirements.

  25. Andreas Schildberger

    Hallo würde gerne wissen ob es mit dem Huawei mate p20 funktioniert weil ich habe keine Verbindung zur Fernsteuerung bzw. zur dji go 4 app Mfg Andi

    1. Hi Andreas, I don’t speak German, but if I didn’t get it wrong, you mean you have problem connecting your Huawei mate 20 and the remote controller, right? Huawei mate 20 meets the system requirements of DJI GO 4, maybe it’s because the USB debugging enabled on Developer Setting that causes the connection failure. Hope this can help you out.

      1. Andreas Schildberger

        Hi Steve habe bei den Einstellungen auf Entwickleroptionen rein geschaut und habe entdeckt das es auf nur Laden eingestellt wahr habe es auf mtp umgestellt aber trotzdem keine Funktion lg

        1. Hi Andreas, which drone are you using? Are there any error messages popping up when you can’t connect the remote? Also, when you connected your phone via the type-c cable, did you choose data transfer?

          1. Andreas Schildberger

            Hallo Steve hab den Fehler gefunden habe Verunreinigungen im Stecker entdeckt dazu is es zu kontaktstörungen gekommen und daher hatte ich keine Verbindung zum Controller dafür sind die i phone händys bei der steckerbüchse besser entwickelt als bei den Android Handys aber trotzdem danke La Andi

    1. Hi Kunal, the Samsung Note 9 does meet the DJI GO 4 system requirements, so it should be compatible, but I still suggest you test it before flying.

  26. Wish I could get my regular S10 to work. I called DJI technical support (directly) and was told that it is NOT currently compatible!!! [November 2019!!!!!!!] Sheesh.

    1. Hi Mark, have you tried running the DJI GO 4 on your S10? DJI technical support may only refer to the list on DJI.COM. The real problem for using DJI GO 4 on S10 is the frame-less design。

        1. Hi Rover, Does your Samsung A50 come with Android 9? If so, it should be compatible because any device that can run the Android 5.0 or later supports DJI GO 4, but you still need to test it.

    1. Hi Steve, I’ve got a Samsung S10e and a Spark. I’ve been told by DJI that the s10e isn’t compatible with an otg cable. Is this correct? I used to have an iPhone 6s, and since switching to the s10e the wifi connection has been pretty choppy comparatively and am hoping an otg cable will fix this. Appreciate any advice!

    1. Hi Alex, good question. The DJI GO 4 requires iOS 10.0.0 or later. The iPad mini 5 sure has no problem running the latest iOS, it also comes with the A12 chip which is much more powerful than the iPad mini 4. More importantly, I checked with former DJI colleagues and saw people flying their drones with the iPad mini 5.

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