The Best Drone Backpacks Review (DJI Mavic, Phantom and FPV Racing Drones)

Best drone backpack

Our Picks

Best drone backpack for DJI Mavic and Spark: The LowePro DroneGuard BP 250 provides the ideal solution for smaller drones like those in the Mavic series. It also allows you to move away from having two separate bags and just has all your accessories in one place.

Best for DJI Phantom: The Lykus DBP-100U is a great combination of weight and size for larger drones like the Phantom and provides great water resistance for the outdoor enthusiast.

Best for FPV Racing Drone: The LowePro QuadGuard BP X3 is the only pack you’ll need I’d you’re into drone racing and want a safe and sturdy place to store up to 4 quads, heaps of accessories and even repair kits or goggles.


Why Do You Need a Backpack For Your Drone?

Drones, especially those equipped with high-end cameras are very delicate, if you’re going to be taking your drone out or lot or tend to travel often, you will need some solid protection and easy portability of it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be obsessed with keeping your drone well protected in any situation.

Although some drones do come with a bag, they’re more of a carry case designed to give some protection and provide the ‘bare minimum’ of what your drone needs. The carry cases usually don’t hold other items either that you may want to take with you on your trip; think your phone, tablet or other cameras.


How Did We Pick?

There’s a myriad of features that can separate a top drone backpack from a great one. We sought expert and user reviews and used this alongside our own personal experience to conclude that you should be looking at the following things:

  • The Capacity of the Interior Compartment
    You’ll want a drone backpack with a decent interior capacity that not only fits your drone but all the accessories too. Think spare propellers, batteries or anything you may need for quick repairs in the field. If you’re a beginner, you may want to keep your manuals in there too.
  • Bag Size and Configuration
    You need to find the right balance between being able to fit everything in your pack and not having a pack that’s bigger than you. You also need to ensure it’s compatible with your drone too; something too big will see your drone rattling about, too small and it’s rendered useless.
  • Durability
    Durability is key when picking a backpack for your drone. Hard shells are great if you’re going to be checking in your backpack anywhere but softshell packs will work too as long as they’re made from high-quality materials.
  • Comfort
    There’s nothing worse than being out on a long day exploring or traveling than having the shoulder straps on your backpack dig in and scrape or just weigh you down. Though your drone may be light, once everything is in your pack it could weigh a few pounds, so choosing a pack with ample padding in the shoulders and even with a hip strap will help a lot.
  • Weight
    Of course, the lighter the better when it comes to your backpack. You’ll find the lighter the bag the more expensive they tend to be – especially when the materials are of great quality.
  • Internal Padding
    A good drone backpack will support your drone with ample protective padding to make sure all components stay in place and are protected against any knocks and scrapes the bag could encounter.
  • Build Quality and Stitching
    A high-quality drone backpack will have solid stitching that doesn’t come undone, whether you’ve used it 20 or 200 times. We looked for bags that used the double stitch or zigzag stitch to ensure that it will be a purchase that lasts you the long haul. We also chose bags with solid zippers that don’t jam or break easily.
  • Waterproofing
    If you’re shopping for the best drone backpack, the chances are high that you’ve shelled out a few hundred bucks for the drone. The last thing you want is for it to get wet. At the very least you want something that’s water repellent but full waterproof is ideal, especially if you take your drone outdoors a lot. If your backpack doesn’t come with any waterproofing, you could always purchase a separate rain cover from your local camping store.
  • Carrying Options
    For me personally, I prefer the standard backpack setup but always like there to be additional straps or alternative options for when the backpack doesn’t work. A carry handle on the top or side is always handy, as is an extra crossbody strap.


The Best Drone Backpacks Review

Best for DJI Mavic and Spark: Lowepro DroneGuard BP250

Want something that will store all your electronics in one, handy to reach place? The DroneGuard BP250 is your perfect backpack. The pack comes with ample space for a Mavic Pro, Mavic Air, or the Mavic 2, spare batteries, propellers, and even a laptop and tablet.

The overall build is great and is lightweight coming in at 1.34kg. The interior has high-quality padding and small sections to help separate all your gear for easy access. The drone section comes with additional protection thanks to the FormShell armored lid.

Though not waterproof you can buy an additional rain cover. Plus. the handy phone pocket on the shoulder strap makes it a winner for me. The only thing I wish they’d have done with this pack is to include space for a hydration bladder. You could try to put one in the laptop section if you weren’t carrying those items, however, because that’s not it’s intended purpose I probably wouldn’t recommend it.

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Best for DJI Phantom: Lykus DBP-100U

If your seeking something bigger that’s ideal for the  Phantom series (3 & 4) of drones the Lykus DBP-100U is a great option.

It’s water-resistant and comes with an additional rain cover,  weighs just under 2kg and features a bunch of interior compartments to help separate your gear.

Users found the waist and shoulder straps to provide ample comfort whilst walking and it fits within most airline’s carry on regulations.

The bag, however, is definitely more tailored to beginners as there’s not much accessory space and you’ll only fit a laptop in that’s less than 12”. Nevertheless it’s a solid option at a great price and looks pretty stylish too.

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Best for FPV Racing Drone: Lowepro QuadGuard BP X3

Are you into FPV racing drones? Then this is the perfect pack for you. With room for up to 4 FPV quads, extra tools, spare batteries, goggles, and repair essentials, you get a lot of bang for your buck. It’s also quickly modified and configured if you need to use it for your regular camera set up too.

The upper part of the pack is a hard shell and is made 600D and 1680D polyester. The material is Lowepro’s trademark all-weather cover meaning it will protect your gear even in tough weather conditions.

Its weight is something that amazed me, just 2.2kg for a 32 x 26.5 x 52 cm backpack that is incredibly durable.

If you’re a traveler who needs to carry more than just their drone, there’s also a handy pocket for laptops up to 15 inches.

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Also Great: Smatree Drone Backpack

One thing I loved about the Smatree pack was how each section looked extra protected in their custom EVA foam cut-outs.

Tech nerds such as myself can rejoice as the pack comfortably fits your drone, charger and up to 5 spare batteries alongside your GoPro equipment too – I especially love the fact you can attach one of the GoPro clips to the front of the bag which is ideal for scenic treks.

The nylon material is durable and the zips are sturdy yet open the pack smoothly and it even comes with its own rain cover.

The straps can be a little on the short side, so if you’re taller you may be better with one of the other options on this list.


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PolarPro DroneTrekker

The DroneTrekker from PolaraPro is a great backpack for travelers who need something that’s adaptable to many different kinds of drones. From the Phantom to the Mavic, this bag has got it covered and it even comes with a TSA approved lock for extra security when traveling.

The side pockets are ideal for carrying water and the interior even has a 15” laptop case.

A few users found that the Phantom 4 did seem to fit a little bit tight, however, and required a little care when zipping up. Nevertheless, our users were impressed with the room inside and the fact they could carry ample gear in addition to their drones.

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LowePro has definitely been the best drone backpack winner for me in these backpacks; both the one designed for Mavics and the FPV racing drones. Their outer shells are durable and interior padding ample. The compartments in the interior ensure your drone stays securely in place without putting too much pressure on any important parts. Their zippers are second to none and the stitching is superior and is designed to last.

Yes, you do pay more for them but the price is totally worth the quality and is very likely to last the lifetime of the drone itself!

Have you tried one of the packs we suggested today? How did you feel about them? Let us know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “The Best Drone Backpacks Review (DJI Mavic, Phantom and FPV Racing Drones)”

  1. Just a clarification on the LowePro DroneGuard BP 250:
    The BP 250 does NOT have a space specifically designed for a hydration pack. I believe that the previous, smaller model, the DroneGuard BP 200 (now apparently discontinued, came with a space designed for a hydration pack. However the BP 250 has a space for a laptop and a tablet, and that might be able to be used for a hydration pack, but it’s not specifically designed for one. A hydration pack is not mentioned in the features card that is on the backpack, nor is it mentioned on the LowePro website for this model. The little tag that LowePro uses on its backpacks to help identify where things go shows a laptop, not a hydration pack. And there’s no way that you could fit both, not would you want to!

    1. Hi Tom, Thanks for the clarification on the BP250. I have modified the article to reflect your comments. It’s a shame really that they don’t include a section for them both! Happy flying

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