The Best drone for 10 year old Review [Updated 2023]

drone for 10 year old

Drones are currently on the rise in popularity across the world. More and more kids want drones for their birthdays and for gifts, but not all of them have the skills to fly a professional or technical drone.

If that’s your child, we’re going to break down the best drones for 10 years old kids so you can save time shopping around.

What you will learn in this article:

# How to choose the best type of drone

# 5 Best Drones for 10 years old We Recommend

# What’s the best way to use a drone?

# Drone rules to keep in mind

# Cautions and things to keep in mind

# Conclusion


How to choose the best type of drone

The first thing you’ll want to keep in mind is your budget. There are a lot of different price points for drones, and depending on what you’re looking to spend that’s a good way to begin to narrow down your options.

From there, you’ll want to consider where your 10-year-old will be flying their drone. Outdoors? Indoors? Around a park? Are there a lot of hazards like trees? These will have a big impact on the type of drone you choose.

Battery life

Battery life is also an essential part you’ll want to keep in mind. Depending on how much patience your child has, you might want long or short battery life. Almost all drones will have a description of their battery life.


Controller options are something else you’ll want to keep in mind while drone shopping. Some drones need the use of a smartphone to work, and unless you’re okay with your child borrowing yours, you’ll need to keep that in mind.

Recommended age level

Almost every drone brand has a listed recommended age and experience level so you can find the perfect fit for your child. However, we’ll be listing some of our favorites to save you time shopping.

Besides the obvious factors, like price, there are a few small things that make drones different from each other.

Because 10-year-olds don’t always have the same capabilities as an adult, flying isn’t always an easy task for them. You’ll want to keep an eye out for features like auto-landing, auto-take-off, stabilization, recall options, etc., that make it much easier to fly and operate without crashing.

Drones also come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Some are themed, like some Star Wars ships, some are small and will easily fit in a pocket, and almost any other shape you can imagine is also out there.

Compared to other flying RC toys out there, drones are fun due to the ease of flying and the camera capabilities. There are some drones that connect to smartphones so you can get photos and videos of the area you’re flying through.


The Best Drone for 10-Year-Old Review

Spacekey Kids Drone

Our Rating: 4.5/5


  • 720p HD camera with a 120-degree wide-angle lens
  • Folds up into a small size
  • Altitude hold function
  • Easy to set up right out of the box
  • Automatic flight button with just a simple key
  • Night LEDs for easy flight at night
  • Optional blade guards to keep it safe during flight


  • Not easy to fly in windy conditions
  • Takes a few tries to get used to navigating

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Holy Stone HS170 Drone

Our Rating: 4.3/5


  • 6-axis gyro stabilization system for easy hovering
  • Blade covers for protection
  • Headless security system
  • 30 to 50 meters of wind-resistance control range


  • Only 6 to 8 minutes of flight time, which is good or bad depending on the patience of your 10-year-old
  • Might need to buy extra batteries to get in more flying time

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Potensic A20 Mini Drone
Our Rating: 4.2/5


  • Two rechargeable batteries for double the flying time
  • Adjustable flight and speed levels are perfect for beginners and getting them to advance with time
  • This drone is agile, so your 10 years old can have a lot of fun flying this drone through easy obstacles
  • It has altitude hold and headless mode along with one key takeoff and landing for much easier flying
  • The width of an iPhone 5
  • Protected propellers to prevent injury


  • Not very fast, so if you’re looking for a quick drone you might want to consider something else. However, that’s something that might be a positive for your 10-year-old drone flyer
  • Not always the most stable, so be ready to try and stop it before it crashes while you get the hang of it

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Force1 Scoot Hand-Operated Drone

Our Rating: 4.5/5

The color and overall appearance are very sharp and “cool looking”


  • Easy to use: You can simply get it to fly by throwing it up in the air. To stop the drone, you can either grab and hold it or flip it over. No need to use a remote controller or app to control it, you can use just your hands to control the flying.
  • Safe and fun to fly: It’s capable of 360 rotation, and you can grab it with your hands. When crashing on walls or other things, it won’t cause any damage.
  • Long battery life: It lasts 6-8 minutes per charge. This is fairly a long flight time based on its size.


  • No camera
  • Charging takes a little bit too long.
  • Comes with a built-in battery, and changing the battery requires technical expertise.
  • Not suitable for outdoor flying.

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Potensic P7 Mini Drone

Our Rating: 4.3/5


  • 720p HD camera for high-quality pictures and videos as you fly
  • Real-time transmission through Wi-Fi so you can always see what the camera is capturing
  • One key 3D flips for extra fun all kids will love
  • Allows you to plan your flight route
  • Three-speed mode and Headless mode make controls easier
  • Comes with battle mode, which allows you to control two or more drones to compete.
  • Comes with two batteries


  • Has a better connection through the iPhone app than Android, so depending on your phone that may or may not be an issue
  • Max Flight time per battery is too short (10 minutes)
  • The remote controller is too big


  • Ready to fly right out of the box
  • Built-in altitude hold for easy adjustments and calibration
  • There is an air pressure sensor so it can hold it stable for quality pictures and video
  • This drone will give you a heads up when it’s time to land and the battery is running low so you don’t need to worry about it running out of juice mid-flight
  • One-key takeoff and landing to prevent any crashing or problems


  • Only one battery, which means you’ll have to charge it fully before you can fly again or buy an additional one
  • Flight time is about 10 minutes overall

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What’s the best way to use a drone?

There are so many different ways your 10-year-old can use a drone. It can simply be fun to fly, they can take aerial pictures, can make videos, and so on. Depending on what your child wants, there is a drone out there that will have those features.

Ideally, you want to be somewhere with open space, especially the first few times you use the drone. It’s common for people to crash their drone the first few times using it, so having as much space as possible is important.

On top of that, having grass or another softer ground for the first few flights will help a lot when it comes to keeping the drone going for a long time.

Drones are a fun option for the whole family and a great way for everyone to bond over a new, exciting activity.


Drone rules to keep in mind

Drones have some rules associated with them. Although your 10-year-old kid will probably not be flying their drones in an unsafe area or way, it’s something to keep in mind if you plan to use a drone responsibly.

Drones are not allowed to be flown within five miles of an airport. They are a danger to planes and even if your child doesn’t plan to fly them high, it’s something you need to keep in mind.

You’re not allowed to fly drones higher than 400 feet. Some drones can, but they need to be registered and training classes need to be attended. This is outside of most children’s range, but good to keep in mind if your child continues their passion for drones as they get older.


Cautions and things to keep in mind

Some drones have blade protectors, meaning that around the propellers, there is a barrier that can help prevent injury if it crashes into you. We included one with such a feature if you’re worried about that as a parent.

The blades can also catch on fingers, so be sure to be around for at least the first few flying attempts that your child does so you can be sure they’re using it in a safe way.

You’ll also want to consider having your kids wear protective gear for the first few flights just in case the drone flies in their direction. Drones can take off quickly which is how crashes can happen, but that means they can be unpredictable. Everyone in your family should be on alert when drones are being flown.



When it comes to the best drone for 10 years old, we think the Force 1 Drone may suit you if you are just looking for a fun toy that you can play with your kids.

If you want more like a camera and better flight performance, the Spacekey Kids Drone and Potensic P7 Mini Drone are our favorite drones for a 10-year-old kid. They are built for beginners to fly and are ready to fly right out of the box. The altitude-hold technology is what really makes it an ideal choice so your child doesn’t need to worry about crashing it all the time.

They also come with an HD Wi-Fi camera for real-time photos and videos. The one key take-off and landing make it a breeze to get up and running since the take-off and landing are the most common times for a drone to crash.


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