The best drone under $50 Review

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Our Picks:

Best Choice:

Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone 

Also great:

Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

DROCON Navigator/U31W

Budget pick:

Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Holy Stone HS190

No matter you want to buy a budget drone to gain more flying experience before spending a fortune on a professional one, or wish to surprise a kid with a cool present, one thing for sure is that you want to get the best for the money you will invest. This article will compare the 5 best drones under $50 and help you to find the right one.

What you will learn in this article:

# Things you need to know about drones under $50

# How we picked

# Best drones under $50 review

# Conclusion

Things you need to know about drones under $50

Before we hit the overall review for each product, let’s be honest with the fact that drones priced under $50 don’t have the bells and whistles like high-end camera, excellent stabilization system, and powerful flight performance.

Here are the common problems and facts you should know about them:

  • Short flight time per battery, around 5 – 8 minutes
  • Limited flight range which means you can’t fly too far or too high
  • Not suitable for outdoor use as they can’t stand even light breezes
  • No or poor camera
  • The crash is a normal thing but don’t let it stop you because it can survive most of the situations
  • FAA registration is not required


How did we pick?

After researching more than15 drones that are priced under $50, reading professional and user reviews, I’ve managed to pick up the top 5 in this category based on the following criteria:

  • Flight Performance. This is key to a drone, mainly including flight time, speed, control range, and stability. A drone with good flight performance ensures you safe, easy and fun flying.
  • Durability. As crashes are unavoidable regardless of what skill level you are at, durability is essential because you don’t want a drone that will only last for a few flights then go completely useless.
  • Easy to Fly. Generally, flying a drone is not a daunting task, but for someone who is completely new to this technology or kids, it might be a challenge. Features like easy takeoff or landing at the touch of one button, altitude hold, and headless mode are great add-ons though not always work perfectly.
  • The Fun of Flying. Drones priced at this level are mainly for entertainment, drones with the capability of flying at a high speed and flipping will give you so much fun.
  • Customer Service. Generally, flying a drone is not a daunting thing, but it’s possible that you may encounter technical issues or product defect especially when ordering online. Good and prompt customer service will ensure a better experience when unexpected things happen.
  • Price. Although the prices of these drones are under $50, we still need to take the accessories or spare parts like batteries and props into account. All these included, the price may easily exceed your limit.


Best drones under $50 Review

The best choice: Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone

Rating: 4.6 / 5

Key Specs:

  • Max Flight time: 5 Minutes
  • Control range: 20 Meters (66 ft)
  • Charging: 50 Minutes
  • Suitable for: 8 years and up

Easy to Fly. One Key Takeoff or Landing allows pilots of any level to fly the drone easily. Headless Mode makes it worry-free about being confused with the drone’s direction when it flies far away.

Two Speed Modes. It allows you to choose the gears according to your operation proficiency, very suitable for beginners and kids.

360°Stunt Flip. Fun and easy-to-use 360-degree rolling make the flight experience even more enjoyable with just a touch of a button.


  • Very precise and accurate
  • Great for fly indoor
  • One key take-off and landing
  • Easy setup and easy to fly.
  • Headless mode
  • Altitude Hold
  • 360°Stunt Flip
  • Suitable for kids


  • Only around 5 minutes’ flight time
  • Cannot fly in windy weather
  • 70 minutes to charge.
  • No camera

Many people commented that it’s a fun drone for the price, its small size makes it convenient for indoor use.

Customers also impressed with this drone’s easy-to-use. Setup is quick, comes with precise and accurate control. Those who bought for their son or daughter said it’s great for kids and really enjoy the fun it brings during flying.

Some use the drone frequently liked its capability of crash resistance, it survived most of the crashes.

People also commented that it’s good for fly indoor use but not suitable for outdoor because it can’t fly in windy weather. Users also have confronted the issue of the charging port design, saying it’s easy to break, especially after using for many times.


  • The controller takes 4 AAA batteries

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Also Great: Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Key Specs:

  • Speed: Up to 50KM/H
  • Flight time: 5-7 Minutes
  • Control range: 50-70 Meters
  • Charging: 90 Minutes

Offers 5 Speed Modes, the highest speed can reach to 50KM/H, which enables you to enjoy the fun of flying, and makes it a good entry-level racing drone.

360 Degree Rolling. It can flip in 4 directions which is a cool thing that increases the enjoyment of flying.

Headless Mode. It makes the drone easy to control and fly back when it is out of sight.

2.4GHz 6 Axis Gyro Stability. It offers excellent stability and extends control distance for better handling. It allows several models to be played at the same time without interference.


  • Fast speed. Up to 50KM/H
  • Up to 70 Meters control Distance
  • Good outdoor performance
  • Great durability
  • Comes with 2 batteries
  • 5 Speed Modes
  • 360 Degree Flip
  • Headless Mode


  • No Altitude hold which is not beginner-friendly
  • No Camera
  • Charging time takes too long
  • Not suitable for kids

Most people like this drone in terms of operation, controls, sensitivity, speed, appearance, and durability, commenting that it flies great, and you can quickly land or take off. Although crashed quite a few times, everything still remains intact.

One of the things that impressed most users is the customer service, they claimed that you could get a quick replacement for defect items.

A few people also noticed a detail about the design of the propeller, which will pop off when hitting something. It helps to protect the drone and save you from buying new ones.

As the second-highest priced model reviewed, it tops in-flight performance, but the lack of altitude hold function makes it not suitable for beginners or kids because you will need to be more mindful during flying as it can’t hold steady in the air. Also, it doesn’t come with a built-in camera.


  • The drone can’t fly up if propellers are not installed in the right position. There are clockwise propeller blades (marked with letter A ) and counter-clockwise propeller blades (marked with letter B ). Please refer to the manual.
  • If the drone drifts to one side, please use the re-calibration and trimmer button to adjust it.
  • Take 10 minutes to cool down between flights to ensure your parts last as long as possible.

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Also Great: DROCON U31W Navigator

Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Key Specs

  • Weight: 85g
  • Flight time: 7 Minutes
  • Control range: Up to 90 Meters
  • Charging: 75 Minutes
  • Camera: 720P
  • Suitable for: 14 years and up

Altitude Hold Mode. Enables the drone to hover at a fixed height, which makes operation much more easier for beginners and kids.

One Key Takeoff and Landing. It allows users of any level to fly with ease.

Headless Mode. No matter which direction the drone is in, the forward stick keeps forward. No need to worry about control confusion.

720P Camera. With the built-in camera, you can capture videos and photos when flying, you can also get a real-time view of what the drone sees.

VR Headset Compatibility. It allows you to fly with immersive FPV experience.


  • Good durability
  • Great for indoor use
  • One key take-off and landing
  • Easy setup and easy to fly.
  • Built-in camera
  • FPV mode, VR headset compatibility


  • Takes 75 minutes to charge.
  • Only one battery included
  • No 360-degree flip

Many people commented that it was a good start for beginners in terms of the many easy to use functions but not quite suitable for kids under 14 years. If you are to give this to younger kids as a gift, make sure you train them well before they can operate by themselves.

One thing that makes this drone stand out is the built-in camera which is not often seen on drones under $50. The camera quality is not as good as that of a smartphone but adequate.

Shake-free video is also a challenge because there is no stabilization software. The benefit of a camera is that you can get a real-time view of when flying the drone.

People also commented that it’s good for flying indoor but outdoor use is only recommended after you get familiar with the controls.


  • Take 10 minutes to break between each flight to let the motors cool down

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Budget pick: Holy Stone HS190

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Key Specs:

  • Flight time: 5-7 Minutes
  • Control range: Up to 50 meters (165 ft)
  • Charging: 40 Minutes
  • Suitable for: 9 years and up

Foldable Design. Small and compact, foldable design makes it even more portable.

Altitude Hold Function. Allow the drone to hover stably in the air for easy control.

One Key Take off/Landing. Enables you to control the drone with ease.

Headless Mode: Orientation of the drone is in relation to the pilot.

3 Speed Modes. 3-speed modes from low to high are suitable for both beginners and experts.

3D Flip & High-Speed Rotation. The drone can stunt in 4 directions and spin at a high speed which increases fun and excitement when flying.


  • Headless mode for easy fly
  • Altitude Hold Function
  • One Key Take off/Landing
  • 3D Flip & High-Speed Rotation
  • 3 Speed Modes for any levels of users
  • LED lights for better visibility
  • Durable, good maneuverability
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to fly and setup


  • Short battery life
  • No Camera
  • Not suitable for fly outdoor

This is another mini drone to the Holy Stone HS Series family. Many people commented that it’s a great little drone for fun and practice. Those who bought this for their little kids liked it because the mini size and easy to fly, 8 years had no problem, some 5 years can even handle it pretty well after essential training.

One thing that impressed many happy customers is the durability, they crashed it on walls and floors often but it survived most of the time.

Those who fly this drone frequently commented that it’s no problem for indoor use but flying outdoors is not recommended especially for beginning pilots because it can’t even handle a light breeze.


  • Suitable for pilots aged 14 years or older (please follow the instruction manual carefully)
  • Read the manual and trim before you fly

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Budget pick: Holy Stone HS170 Predator

Rating: 4.2 out of 5

Key Specs:

  • Flight time: 6-8 Minutes
  • Control range: Up to 50 meters (66 ft)
  • Charging: 45 – 60 Minutes
  • Suitable for: 14 years and up

Headless Mode. No matter what direction the aircraft is in, the forward stick is always forward, and the back stick is backward.

6-Axis Gyro Stabilization. Enables the drone to flip and role by a simple push of the button. It also enables the drone to flip and role by a simple push of the button which makes flying so much fun.

3 Speed Modes. It allows both novices and experts to choose the right speed according to their needs.

Colorful LED lights. It makes it easy to identify the front and back which is a must when flying at night.



  • Headless mode for easy fly
  • 6-Axis Gyro Stabilization for 360° Flip
  • Red/Blue LED lights show the orientation
  • 3 Speed Modes for any levels of users
  • Durable, good maneuverability
  • Good control range
  • Great customer service


  • No one-key return and a button for flips
  • Poor design for getting the battery out
  • No Camera
  • Not suitable for fly outdoor
  • Remote is a bit hard to figure out

Like the other drones reviewed, the Holy Stone HS170 is pretty much the same in terms of features. People commented that it’s easy to use and fun to fly.

Many people are really impressed with customer service regarding the quick responsiveness and painlessness when dealing with them.

One drawback is that many users have problems to get the battery out when it needs to be charged but they managed to figure out a solution of leaving the battery inside. People also recommended using a flap of tape to more easily pull the battery out.

Like the others in this category, flying outdoors is not recommended only until you have trained yourself well and learned everything about your drone. Besides, the controller might be a challenge for beginners and better identification is needed.


  • Suitable for pilots aged 14 years or older (please follow the instruction manual carefully)
  • Read the manual and trim before you fly

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There aren’t too many choices when it comes to the best drone under $50, and most of them are actually pretty much the same in terms of functions. In other words, if you go with any one of these five, there won’t be significant differences.

If we take all the key aspects of purchasing a cheap drone into consideration, the Syma X20 Mini Pocket Drone is the best with reference to size, durability, easy to use, fun and customer service.

For those who value the enjoyment of flight the most more than anything, the Holy Stone HS150 Bolt Bee may be a good choice as it stands out for its fast speed which reaches up to 50 mph. But it is not that suitable for beginners or kids.

If you are looking for something for young kids, especially under 8, then the Holy Stone HS190 will do the trick.

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