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The Best Mavic Mini Accessories: Safe, Fun & Better Flying Experience

mavic mini accessories

No matter you bought the Mavic Mini or the Fly More Combo, there are some accessories you may need for better flying experience, more safe and funny flight or easier storage and carrying.

In this article, we will be discussing all the best Mavic Mini accessories, and help you figure out what you may need according to your preference and skill level.

6 Must-Have Mavic Mini Accessories

Please note that most of the accessories in this section are included in the Mavic Mini Fly More Combo.

1. Micro SD Card

Mavic Mini has no internal storage and doesn’t come with a micro SD card. You will need an SD card before you can capture any aerial photos and videos.

Choosing the right SD card is easy, just check the article The Best Mavic Mini SD Card to learn more details.

2. Mavic Mini Intelligent Flight Battery

Although Mavic Mini can fly nearly 30 minutes per charge, it’s still not enough for outdoor activity or travel.

If you’ve only got one battery, you will need to wait for more than 1 hour for charging before you can fly again. As an experienced pilot my self, I think you should at least get one extra battery.

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3. Mavic Mini Propellers

Propellers are one of the most easy-to-break drone accessories because most first-time or beginner pilots often crash their drones when landing. Also, you need to replace your Mavic Mini’s propellers timely for any small crack or damage.

Note: Mavic Mini’s propellers didn’t adopt the quick-release design. To change a broken one, you need to use screws to fix it.

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4. Mavic Mini Two-Way Charging Hub

The charging hub can charge at most 3 batteries in sequence. If you have more than 1 battery, you don’t need to wait and check until one battery finish, and then charge the others. It also can be used as a perfect battery storage box. As there is no battery level indicator on the intelligent battery itself, you can also easily check the battery level status with the charging hub.

Another thing that makes this charging hub a necessary accessory is its ability to become a power bank that can be used to charge your phones, tablets or other devices.

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5. Mavic Mini Control Sticks

The sticks of the Mavic Mini’s remote controller are detachable. It’s convenient for storage and transportation, but the other side of the coin is they are easy to get lost. It’s impossible to fly if the sticks are missing, so it’s always xx to prepare 2 or more spare sticks.

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6. Lens Cleaning Kit

Like a DSLR, you also need to clean your Mavic Mini lens regularly to dust off the particles and debris. and blow away dirt and specks from lens and camera mirrors.

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Top Mavic Mini Accessories for Safety & Protection


7. Mavic Mini 360° Propeller Guard

If you are new to drones, or you want to experience the fun of flying indoor or you have to fly in a location with many obstacles, then the propeller guard is something you really need to consider.

It provides 360° protection of the propellers and improves flight safety, and enables you to fly with ease.

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8. Mavic Mini Propeller Holder

Sometimes when you put your Mavic Mini in your pocket or backpack, it may be stuck because of the moving propellers. The propeller holder can secure the propellers for safer storage and transportation. It also allows you to attach your drone to a backpack or belt.

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9. Drone Landing Pad

If you often take your Mavic Mini outdoor, you may have to take off or land on the beach, muddy land or places with dust and dirt, a drone landing pad will protect your Mavic Mini from sand, water, and dirt. It will also protect the camera lens.

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10. Mavic Mini Backpack

The Mavic Mini Fly More Combo does come with a carrying bag, but it’s a little bit too small for taking all the accessories like the propeller guards, your phone or tablet.

Mavic Mini is small and portable, but it’s also a camera drone. When taking it out, a solid backpack will provide better protection.

If you’ve already got a backpack for your DSLR or other devices, you can try to put your Mavic Mini in to see if it fits.

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Mavic Mini Accessories for a better flying experience

10. Mavic Remote Controller Monitor Hood (Sunshade)

A remote controller sunshade is essential for flying in bright sunlight. You can get a very much better view of your phone or tablet screen so that you can have better flying experience. It will also be helpful with your phone and video shooting.

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11. Mavic/Spark Remote Controller Tablet Holder

Phones or tablets that are no more than 160 mm (6.3 inches) long can fit the Mavic Mini’s remote controller comfortably. That is to say, most of the tablets won’t fit the remote clamps. If you want to fly your Mavic Mini with a tablet or iPad, you will need a tablet holder to secure your device.

Using a tablet requires a longer cable, for iPad you can buy a Micro USB OTG cable, for Android tablets, this one will work perfectly.

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Mavic Mini Accessories for funny flying

12. Mavic Mini DIY Creative Kit

Mavic Mini only comes with one color. This DIY Kit allows you to personalize your Mavic Mini by creating a unique shell sticker.

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13. Mavic Mini Snap Adapter

The Snap Adapter enables you to attach small accessories such as LED displays or building blocks on top of your Mavic Mini.

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14. Photography Gloves

Flying in cold weather sometimes is a challenge, and you may have problems to control your drone and take photos or videos. Using a pair of photography gloves will simply save you from the trouble.

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There are a lot of accessories for Mavic Mini, if you have chosen the Fly More Combo, most of the essential ones are included. If you only bought the Mavic Mini, then you should at list take a look at the must-have section.

We will keep updating the list, if you have any recommendation, please let us know by commenting below.


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  1. Hi,
    I was a DJI Mavic Mini user and have recently upgraded to Mini 2. But unfortunately, the Mini 2 controller is unable to connect to my mobile phone device. The message showing “RC not connected to mobile device” and DJI Fly app is not working. I am using Huawei Mate 10 Pro (android version 9.0.0), which was well compatible with my DJI Mavic Mini. I never had any issue with Mini 1. Also my new DJI mini 2 is getting connected with other devices like Google pixel 4a and iPhones. But not with my Mate 10 pro. Please suggest. Thanks.

    1. Hi jørgen, it seems that xcover 4 comes with 64-bit OS and ARM CPUS, so it should be no problem. You can try to download the DJI Fly App to see if it can run on your phone.

    1. Hi Jan, I am afraid you will have to wait for a long time as it’s out of stock. I suggest you subscribe to the in-stock reminder on DJI Store so that you will get a notification once it’s available.

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