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3 Steps to Fix DJI RC not Connecting to WiFi


DJI RCDJI RC remote controller comes with a built-in screen and allows you to control your DJI drone without using your mobile device. Some pilots have a problem connecting the DJI RC remote to WiFi or Hot Spot.

If you also have this issue and need some help, this guide will walk you through all the steps you need to know.


Why DJI RC is not connecting to WiFi?

The main reason why your DJI RC remote controller not connecting to WiFi is simply that you didn’t find the DJI RC setting menu, you may mix the DJI Fly App setting with the WiFi setting. The solution to this is pretty straightforward, just follow the guide below to find out the WiFi setting.


How to connect DJI RC to WiFi or Phone?

Connecting the DJI RC controller to a WiFi network or changing it to a different one is actually very simple, you just need to find the remote controller setting menu.

Step 1. Power on your DJI RC. Once the start process is done, you will be on the main screen of the DJI Fly app.

Connect DJI RC to WiFi

Step 2. Wipe down from the top of the screen twice. This seems a bit tricky cause the first wipe only shows the battery life and info, the second time you wipe, you will see the setting menu.

set DJI RC wifi

Step 3. Now you can turn on or off the WiFi, press the wifi icon to configure or connect to a new network or your phone Hot Spot.

connect DJI RC wifi


When do you need to connect your DJI RC to a WiFi network?

  • There is a firmware update available before flying.
  • When you want to connect your DJI RC to a different WiFi network.
  • When flying in a new location, you may need to connect your DJI RC to a phone hotspot for maps.

6 thoughts on “3 Steps to Fix DJI RC not Connecting to WiFi”

  1. Lloyd Raymond Karsenbarg

    Excellent advice on the (s)wipe down procedure! I did not see this anywhere in the tutorial. Many thanks!

  2. haroun moh shishani

    Guys on mavic 2 rc it’s not enabling me to connect to wifi …I mean when I press wifi to activate says enabling only with no other response as opening wifi to choose the wifi net …!!!

  3. When I click on unlock and I have a wi-fi connection, I get a message, server error. wait a moment and try again ????????

  4. I never get to the main screen of the DJI Fly app. The setup is asking for access to wifi BEFORE that. This is first time activation attempt.

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