The Best DJI Fly Compatible Devices and Troubleshooting

DJI Fly Compatible Devices

This post lists the DJI Fly app compatible devices and tells you how to check the compatibility of your phones or tablets, and helps you to choose the right one for your drone.

One of the most important things about flying your DJI Air 2S, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini SE, Mavic Air 2, or Mavic Mini is to make sure the smartphone or tablet you use is compatible with the DJI Fly App.

It not only ensures a better flying experience but will also save you from a possible drone crash or fly away, especially for beginner pilots. Just imagining, if your drone is miles away, suddenly the DJI Fly App freezes or quits unexpectedly, you might be getting a little bit of panic.

The latest DJI FPV drone also uses the DJI Fly app, though you don’t need the app to fly it, you still need to use it to activate the aircraft and the FPV Goggles before flying.

What you will learn in this article:

What phones and tablets are compatible with DJI Fly app?

How to know if my device is compatible

The easiest way is to check this DJI Fly Phone and Tablet compatibility list (DJI Fly works with DJI Air 2S, DJI FPV, DJI Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, and Mavic Mini). All the phones and tablets in it are tested by both DJI and users. If so, you can set your mind at rest.

If not, you will need to make sure your phone or tablet:

1. Meets the system requirements of the DJI App.  Here are the DJI Fly system requirements:

According to many users’ feedback, devices that run a 32-bit Android OS have compatibility issues, so for Android devices, they also need to:

2. Runs a 64-bit Android OS

How to check if your Android device is 64-bit or 32-bit? There are two ways to do this:

1) Use the 64Bit Checker

Android 64-bit OS Check

2) Use the AnTuTu Benchmark.

3.  Comes with ARM CPUs

If you follow the guide on how to check the Android OS, you will have already installed either the 64 Bit Checker or the AnTuTu Benchmark app.

If you go with the 64 Bit Checker, you can easily find the CPU info on the screen. For those who use the AnTuTu, just go to My DeviceCPU, you will see the information about your device’s CPU Architecture. The info needs to be written “ARM“.

Then you can download the DJI Fly App and have a try. Normally, you won’t have any issues, but you’d better keep your DJI Air 2S, DJI Mini SE, DJI Mini 2, Mavic Air 2, or Mavic Mini in the eyesight and fly it in an open area because users do have problems with phones that meet the App’s requirements.

If your phone or device doesn’t fall into the compatibility list or meet the system requirements, you will need to get a new one. Just choose one from the compatibility list according to your brand preference and budget.

mavic mini compatible phones

DJI Fly Compatible Phones and Tablets

Please note that phones or tablets on the list are tested by both DJI and pilots. The ones in italic are tested by users, others are tested by DJI.

If you are flying your drone with an iPad or a Tablet, you will need to use a drone tablet holder.

DJI Air 2S, DJI FPV, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mimi SE, Mavic Air 2, and Mavic Mini Compatible iPhones and iPads

Most iPhones and iPads released in recent years are compatible. When it comes to the best phone or tablet for your DJI Mini 2 or Mavic Air 2, we recommend you choose the latest model.

DJI Fly App now only supports iOS 11 devices, if your iPhone or iPad can’t update, you can download the iOS 10 version here.


DJI Air 2S, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini SE, Mavic Air 2, and Mavic Mini Compatible Android Phones and Tablets

Please note that:

1. There are too many different models of Android phones and tablets in the market, so the Android compatibility issue is much more complicated. If you find devices in the list that do not work, please let us know the details of the device’s specs.

2. DJI won’t test every single qualified phone in the market, it only tests those who have a relatively larger market share. This list includes devices that are tested by both DJI and drone pilots. The ones in italic are from users’ feedback, they should be no problem, but I still recommend you test it yourself.

3. The firmware released on Jan 14th, 2021 has solved the Android 10 compatibility issue.




  • Mi 10
  • Mi 8
  • Mi MIX 2S
  • Mi MIX 2
  • Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (Android 9.0)
  • Redmi Note 5
  • Redmi note 4
  • Redmi 5 Plus 4GB / 64GB
  • Redmi 9
  • Pocophone F1
  • Xiaomi Elephone S7
  • Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite






  • Vivo NEX
  • Vivo X27
  • Vivo X21
  • Vivo X20A
  • Vivo V11 Pro (Tested by Mavic mini users)
  • Vivo Y83 (Tested by Mavic mini users)


  • Sony Xperia 1
  • Sony Experia
  • Sony XPERIA XZ1
  • Sony Z5 compact (64bit)
  • Sony Xperia Z2 Compact (H8324, Android 9)
  • Sony Xperia Z4
  • Motorola X4 (XT1900-1)
  • Motorola G7
  • Motorola G6
  • Moto G Power
  • Moto G9 Play
  • Motorola Moto G7 Power ( model XT1955-2 )
  • Moto G7 Optimo Maxx (XT1955DL)
  • BQ Aquaris X2
  • Lenovo K5 Note
  • Lenovo Tab 4 Plus
  • Blackberry key 2
  • HTC U 11 Plus
  • Asus Zenfone Max M1
  • Xiaomi mi pad 3
  • Nokia 6.1 Plus
  • Nokia 5.1 Plus (3 GB RAM/32 GB ROM, Android 9.0 64bit version)

DJI Fly Incompatible List (Update regularly)

  • Motorola Moto Z Play
  • Motorola Moto Z3 Play
  • Motorola Moto G5
  • Motorola Moto G5 Plus
  • Motorola Moto G6
  • Motorola Moto G4
  • Motorola G7 Play
  • Motorola Moto G7 Optimo (XT1952DL)
  • Samsung A3
  • Samsung A5
  • Samsung A10
  • LG Stylo 4
  • LG V35
  • LG K40
  • LG V20 (It’s not compatible when updating to Android 8.0)
  • LG X power 2
  • LG Q7
  • Lenovo 7
  • Lenovo 8
  • Sony Xperia Z5 Compact
  • Samsung J7 2016
  • Samsung J7 Refine
  • Samsung A6+ Android 9.0 64GB
  • Samsung J6
  • Samsung J4+
  • Samsung J7 Pro
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2
  • Samsung Tab A 8″ (SM-T290NZKAXAR)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1 (2019)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 (2014)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 2
  • Huawei Y6
  • Huawei Y5 2019
  • Huawei Ascend XT2
  • Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet
  • UMIDIGI A3 Pro
  • Pixel 3A

If you find any out-of-the-list phones that are compatible, please leave a comment below and I will update the list timely.

Troubleshooting: DJI Fly Installation and Connection Issues

After I did some research on FB Mavic Mini groups and other drone forums, I found that a lot of Android users are experiencing compatibility issues because not every single Android phone or tablet is on DJI’s compatibility list.

Here are the most typical problems:

1. What is the best tablet for DJI Mini 2?

Currently, the iPad Mini 5 is considered to be the best tablet for DJI Mini 2 based on its price, compatibility, and size.

2. What tablets work with the DJI Fly app?

When it comes to DJI Fly compatible tablets, it’s a bit complicated as there are so many Android models out there. If you are looking for a new tablet to fly your drone, then just follow DJI’s recommend list. If you’ve already got a tablet, you will need to make sure it meets the system requirements.

3. What are the best DJI Fly settings for Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Mini?

DJI Fly is a new app that can only be used with Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Mini currently, Getting to know the new app thoroughly before flying is very important for safety and capturing better footage and photos. Here is a guide to DJI Fly’s in-depth review and best settings for Mavic Air 2 and Mavic Mini.

4. The App is not on the Google Play Store on your device.

Open your browser, and go to, you will be able to see the install page.

If this doesn’t work, open up, and then search “DJI”, you will be able to see the DJI Fly App on the result page.

You can also go to to scan the QR code to download and install the app.

5. You failed to install DJI Fly or the app just doesn’t open after installing successfully.

When you are on the DJI Fly App page, but you get a popup saying “This app is not compatible with your device“. First, go check your Android OS version: Settings > About Device > Android Version (this may vary according to different smartphone brands). If your device’s OS is under 6.0.0 and there is a system update available, go for it.

If your phone or tablet runs the Android 6.0 or above system but you still can’t install or launch the App, you will need to check your Android and CPU Architecture.

6. You have no problem launching the app but can’t connect the aircraft with the remote controller

  • Try with another USB cable or remove and insert the USB cable again. It is recommended to use the original USB cable. If the original one is too short and you have to buy a new one, make sure it’s fully compatible.
  • For Android devices, check whether the “USB debugging” is turned on. Then go to settings > Applications > Application manager, and select DJI Fly. Click “Set as default” and “Clear defaults”. Then reconnect the mobile device and launch DJI Fly. 
  • Update the firmware and the DJI Fly app. Do you have the latest version of DJI Fly? Have you updated the firmware? Make sure that you keep your firmware and DJI Fly up-to-date.


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827 thoughts on “The Best DJI Fly Compatible Devices and Troubleshooting”

  1. Steve,

    i have a samsung s2 t813 …i did the 64 checker above it said it was a 64 bit 0S …according to the tablet it have 3 or 4 gb ram and 32gb memory…will this work with a mavic air 2 ?

  2. I bought the DJI Mavic Mini on 08/22/2020 and I have a one year old iPhone XR. From the first flight the Mini would disconnect from my phone. Would reboot everything and try again with same results. Checked all firmware and everything was up to date. Called DJI on 08/24/2020 and they ran me through a checklist of possible fixes and even had me use my wife’s iPhone XR. Same result, it disconnected also. They then asked if I had a Samsung product to try with the Mini but I don’t. They then told me to return the Mini for a refund. By them asking if I had a Samsung product and telling me to get a refund, it leads me to believe they are having compatibility issues with the iPhone XR. Overall though, I really liked the Mini but without the connection to my phone made it was worthless for my needs. If I ever upgrade my phone to a compatible phone, I will buy it again.

    1. Hi Mike, sorry to hear that. It’s really odd. I also got an iPhone XR and I have no problem flying both my mini and Mavic air 2. Maybe it is the drone’s problem.

      1. Looking to purchase a mini but don’t see my phone on the will or won’t list.
        It is a Samsung Galaxy A51.
        Any help would be appreciated.

        1. Hi Ryan, looks like the A51 comes with ARM CPUs and runs 64-bit OS, so it should be no problem. Have you downloaded the DJI Fly app to see if it works?

        2. Hello,
          Y projet to get a MAVIC AIR 2.
          Does your SAMSUNG A51 android is compatible with DJI FLY software?
          Did you test it?
          Thanks for your answer

  3. Hey, I just purchased the Mavic Air 2 and tried connecting the controller to my Pixel 2XL but I keep get the message that the controller is not connected to my device. I tried different USB-C cables but none have worked. Any advice would be of great help, thanks.

    1. Hi Andres, if your firmware is the latest, and tried with another cable or phone, and turned off the USB Debugging, then it might be the problem of your drone.

  4. Hi Steve,
    Pls. advise if Xiaomi Mi 9 is compatible with Mavic Mini. Specs as ff:
    1) Snapdragon 855
    2) 64 bit
    3) 6 GB RAM/ 64 GB ROM
    4) Octa-core max 2.84 Ghz AIE
    5) GPU Adreno 640

      1. Thanks for the quick reply Steve. I’m also eyeing another phone which is Xiaomi Note 10. However, thickness is 9.7mm. Will this still fit the Mavic Mini? Thanks.

  5. Hello Steve,
    Do you have an opinion if it is going to work on oppo realme 6 pro ?
    It is 64 bits and:
    Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G
    2x 2.3 GHz ARM Cortex A76 (Kryo 465)
    6x 1.88 GHz ARM Cortex A55
    Adreno 618 GPU
    Thanks in advance!

  6. Just purchased a mavic mini and then read this forum, realizing my Samsung Galaxy j3 Prime is not compatible. Will it be compatible in the future? Any other alternatives?

  7. Hello,

    Is huawei honor 9x compatible with mavic mini?
    I know it’s in the list here. but in the official page it only says compatible with honor 9 (without X, which is another version)

  8. I tried installing djifly apps on realme 5i , it successfully installed, it also run on 64bit os.. but i haven’t have chance to fly ma2 and mini on it yet.. please tell me if anyone tried it.. i guess it should work too. hopefully.

  9. Sabretooth Flyer

    Tested Samsung Galaxy A20s for a weeks now on djifly apps , work fine. even try using cheap slightly long usb type c to type c to controller. still, MA2 soaring like beast in the sky awesome. i dunno whether got micro lag or not.. look fine to me. no problem so far

  10. Bonjour , j’ai acheté le mavic mini ,a mon grand regret , j’ai vue que le galaxie A10 n’étais pas compatible avec l’appli Dji fly . Ma question est , savez vous si le galaxie A10 et dans une file d’attente de mis a jour , ou dans les jours , semaine qui suivent il sera compatible ? Merci de votre réponse

  11. Hi i have just bought a Mavic Air 2 but having difficulty gaining connection with my phone – it is a Doogie S90 is this phone incompatible ??

    Many thanks

    1. Hi i have just bought a Mavic Air 2 but having difficulty gaining connection with my phone – it is a Doogie S90 is this phone incompatible ??

      Many thanks

  12. Anyone having issues with downloading video to an iPad Pro? I keep getting the exclamation point (!) in red and the download fails. Odd thing is that it works on my iPhone Xs. I’m using Apples card connection cable with the SD card adapter. I can’t even airdrop them from the iPhone to the iPad Pro. Makes no sense.

  13. Hi Steve,
    I have an Iphone SE (2016) 64 bit whit OS 13.5.1. I would like to buy the DJI Mavic Mini. Did it Work? iphone SE is not on the list.


    1. Hi Jeck, I think it should be no problem for the iPhone SE to run the app, but I’ve seen comments that the App’s UI is not optimized for the SE’s small screen, someone had connection issues. You can try to download and install the app to check it out yourself.

      1. Hi Steve, the App seems to working fine, I need to try with the drone and wish it will be working as well.


  14. My phone is the Huawei Mate 20 NOT the pro.
    This device has a 64 bit OS.
    Do you think it will be OK?


  15. Can someone, please, tell, if it’s compatible with Samsung galaxy a30? Checked both lists, it’s not there

    1. Hi Ana, have you already got the phone? If so, just check the specs to see if it runs 64-bit OS and comes with ARM CPUs. Also, try to download and install the DJI Fly app.

  16. Hi Guys,
    Xiaomi Mi9 works flawlessly with my MM… but I need a 8″ tab… I’ve read many things about Lenovo Tab M8, but Im not sure 2GB RAM is enough for the Fly app…

  17. Hi.
    I have a Mavic Pro and fly with a Moto g7 on DJI go4. The phone wants to update to Android 10 and I’m nervous to do so given some reports of comparability issues earlier.
    Can you tell me if it’s now safe to update to Android 10?
    Thanks Phil 😀

  18. Hi all,
    For my MA2, I want to acquire an 8″ tablet, perhaps a “Lenovo M8HD” or a “Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8 2019 Models: SM-T290, SM-T290NZKAXAR”
    Here, the samsung is marked as incompatible but on the site “”,
    it is indicated as tested and validated by multiple users. Is it because the app is not available in the google store? the apk seems to be suitable …
    Currently, I use my Samsung S7 smartphone, works fine but the screen is a bit too small.

    Sorry, I’m French and google translate helped me

    1. Hi Gégé, some pilots in the US said it’s compatible but you need to download the DJI Fly app via by scanning the QR code because you can’t find it in the Play store. But you need to be careful because some people said models in different countries use different processors. You can check this post from DJI forum:

      1. Thanks Steve,
        Yes, I saw that it is not always the same processor depending on the country. I think I’ll take an Ipad mini 5, DJI and Apple have intimate ties, I think …

        1. Bonjour, avez vous achete l’ipad mini 5 et si oui comment se comporte t’il avec le mavic air 2. Je suis dans la même situation et je cherche une tablette 8 pouces compatible avec DJI fly. Merci par avance pour votre réponse.

          1. Je ne l’ai pas encore acheté ( ce Ipad mini 5 ) mais c’est pour bientôt . Je ferai un retour dès les premiers essais

          2. Bonjour Bernard
            Ipad mini 5 acheté hier soir à la FNAC Italie 2 de Paris 13. DJI FLY chargé sans problème. Ce matin essai avec le drone mais sans voler ( dans la main ) car je suis en NFZ… Tout passe bien, c’est fluide ! Essai ce Week End en vol

          1. Hi John,
            I liked the Lenovo M8 tablet (like the Samsung Galaxy tab A 2019) but the different feedback is rather vague. I prefer to turn to a safe bet, Ipad mini 5, I’m going today (I have an Ipad mini 1 but it doesn’t work (32bits), the DJI FLY application does not install …
            For info: Before, I had a FIMI X8 SE drone, Fimi Navi is installed on the iPad mini 1 but the video feedback was very late, several seconds, and choppy.

          1. Bonjour Bernard,
            Non, je n’ai pas pris l’option cellular. C’est un ipad mini5 64Go

  19. Hola, mi celular Moto g6 play es incompatible con la aplicación DJI fly. No puedo descargarla en Playstore y cuando la descargo de forma directa desde la página web de DJI el sistema no permite su instalación.

    Por otro lado, probé la aplicación con un SmartPhone Huawei P30 Lite y de momento funciona sin problemas.

  20. hello,
    someone confirms positive data with the Samsung Galaxy A20 or Samsung Galaxy A20e
    the least expensive in the list.?
    Thank you have a nice day

  21. Honor View 20 is in theist, but it doesn’t work for me. It seems the app can not communicate with USB 😔

  22. I have Xiaomi Mi A1 and is 64-bit OS with supported ABIs: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a, armeabi but sometimes I lose connection between the mobile and the remote.. I still can control the Mavic Air 2 or activate RTH but the screen freezes black and white and I can’t see anything at least for 3 ou 4 seconds. anyone with similar problem?

  23. My old phone is not compatible with dji fly, so I get a cheap 2nd hand Hauwei 8X MAX, it works perfectly with the 7.1 inch screen for my old eyes.

  24. Does not work with Galaxy J3 ( 2018 ). Software won’t even load. Had to return the MINI to Amazon. Can’t really afford to buy another Cell for this purpose. Cell contract runs out next year and I will revisit the situation then.
    Al from Canada

  25. Samsung J5 Pro is a failure. Ask me how I know with a 2k drone I now can not use……

    64bit processor but only 32 bit OS.

    Trying to find a new device is a bit of a nightmare because there are different country versions of devices in the compatibility list and they may not have the same 64 bit cpu/ 64 bit os. Thanks DJi, wish I knew this before forking out good dollars.

  26. I have the DJI FLY app running happily on the following devices
    SONY XPERIA Z4 tablet
    Huawei 3i phone
    Huawei 5T phone

    1. Hi! I have a problem! I can’t connect my HUAWEI P30 with RC OF MY DJI MAVIC MINI can somebody help with troubleshooting? I tried with HUAWEI P20(GIRLFRIEND PHONE) and everything works perfectly!

  27. I just ordered a Mini and unfortunately DJI Fly will not load on my Samsung J2. Looking for an inexpensive phone that will run the software and would appreciate suggestions. There’s a million phones on the market, and variations of the same models. Very confusing. Of the brands listed on this page, which tend to be lower in price? And aside from the 64-bit standard required what other system features do I need to confirm before I buy. This is a great site, thank you!

      1. Much appreciated, Steve. The S7 looks promising. Given that I won’t be using the phone for anything other then the drone, does it matter if the phone comes from AT&T or Sprint or another carrier? Just be sure it’s 64-bit and unlocked? Any other DJI Fly requirement specs I need to verify before I purchase? Thanks again, –Carl

        1. Hi Carl, though S7 works with DJI Fly, it’s a phone released in 2016. I would recommend a newer device. It doesn’t matter what carrier it comes with, you just need to make sure the phone runs 64-bit Android OS and comes with ARM CPUs.

  28. Hi Steve,
    The Fire HD 8 looks like the cheapest tablet on the compatible list, but its italicized. Anybody know if it works? And thank you for all the work of answering these posts!

      1. Hi Steve,
        That Fire HD 8 is conspicuously absent from the list today. I’ll report back if I can get it going.

          1. Short answer is the Amazon Fire HD 8 will NOT work straight out of the box. 32 bit OS.
            From reading its has 64 bit architecture, but runs 32 OS(?) It can be rooted so it might be possible to load another OS , but that’s a bit out of my lane.
            Guess I’m going to have to figure out how to change lanes.

  29. The Huawei Y5 2019 appears in both Compatible and Incompatible list. How is that? How do I read it?

      1. Marlon Villapando

        Same on Samsung J7 Pro…both on the list of compatible and incompatible phones…which is correct?

        1. Hi Marlon, thanks for letting me know, I just removed it from the compatible list cause the Samsung J7 Pro runs 32 bit OS.

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