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How to Fix DJI Gimbal Calibration Error Code 40011

Even novice drone operators understand the importance of the gimbal; this component allows operators to capture stunning aerial photos and video footage. But perhaps you’re seeing a gimbal calibration error code 40011 when you fire up your aircraft. If this is the case, don’t worry—we’ll help you fix this issue.

dji drone calibration error 40011

The gimbal calibration error code 40011 commonly appears due to hardware damage from a crash. However, this error code can also result from an obstructed gimbal, attempting to calibrate the gimbal on an uneven surface, and general firmware/software issues.

Drone gimbals can be quite sensitive, which means errors can commonly occur from the slightest hardware damage or firmware faults. But rest assured—we’ll walk you through some troubleshooting steps to identify the culprit behind this error code on your DJI drone.


Troubleshooting DJI Gimbal Calibration Error Code 40011

Any DJI error code can be troubling, but being one of the most sensitive parts of the aircraft, gimbal errors can be especially difficult to diagnose and troubleshoot. But with a little bit of guidance, you’ll be well on your way to restoring your drone to its normal operating condition. Just follow these steps:

1. Inspect the Gimbal for Signs of Damage (Crashed Drone)

First, visually inspect the drone’s gimbal for damage. If you noticed error code 40011 after crashing your drone, the crash is almost certainly to blame for the error, as a damaged gimbal will be unable to go through the calibration process. If you notice signs of damage, go ahead and skip ahead to step 6.

2. Place the Drone on a Flat Surface

Before you begin further troubleshooting, be sure the drone is on a flat surface. This is a critical component in the gimbal calibration process, as the gimbal might be unable to perform the calibration if the drone isn’t level. 

During the gimbal calibration process, the gimbal will cycle through different positions. Any orientation other than the total level will skew the procedure and render the calibration ineffective.

The following troubleshooting steps will involve calibration attempts, so it’s important to ensure the drone is level before getting started.

2. Ensure the Gimbal Cover is Removed Before Attempting to Calibrate

Before we get into the more in-depth troubleshooting steps, first, be sure that the gimbal cover is removed. If you’re trying to calibrate the gimbal with the cover still on, it will restrict the gimbal’s movement, inhibiting the calibration process. This in turn could result in the 40011 error code (and potentially damage the gimbal itself).

If you noticed that the gimbal cover was on, remove it, and attempt to calibrate the gimbal again.

3. Remove Lens Filter (if Installed) and Attempt to Calibrate

If you like to capture video footage with your DJI drone, you might use ND filters to achieve that nice motion blur that everyone loves. 

But depending on your filter of choice, it could potentially be too heavy for your drone’s gimbal. In this case, you might get the 40011 error code when you try to calibrate the gimbal, as it’s unable to go through the process due to the weight of the third-party filter.

So, remove the filter, and attempt another gimbal calibration. If the gimbal calibrates successfully and no error code appears, then you’ve identified the culprit. In this case, it’s recommended to avoid using whatever third-party filter was causing the issue and stick to manufacturer-approved filters.

If the error code persists after the filter was removed, proceed to the next step.

4. Ensure That Your Drone is Operating on the Latest Firmware

When it comes to drone issues and error codes, the firmware is often to blame. DJI periodically releases new firmware that aims to rectify known bugs and issues. 

If you’re getting error code 40011 and you didn’t crash your drone and the gimbal cover wasn’t hindering the calibration process, it’s likely that there’s a bug with your drone’s current firmware. Simply open your DJI mobile app, and follow the on-screen prompts to update the firmware.

5. Ensure That Your Mobile App is up to Date

Equally important as your DJI drone’s firmware is the mobile app used to operate the aircraft. Go into your mobile device, and ensure that your DJI app is up to date. 

6. Contact DJI for Service

If you skipped ahead to this step because your DJI drone’s gimbal is damaged, contacting DJI to repair your drone is your only remaining option. It’s possible to change the gimbal yourself, but it’s best to leave it to the professionals to ensure that the replacement is done properly.

And in the unlikely event that the issue persists despite there being no damage to the gimbal, there’s probably a subtle software issue to blame. But again, DJI will be able to get to the bottom of it and rectify the issue.


Wrapping Up

We hope the aforementioned troubleshooting steps helped you identify the culprit behind the error code and address the issue. Remember—your drone’s gimbal is one of its most important components, so be sure to take good care of it and follow the best practices for gimbal calibration when needed. Fly safe!



How to Fix DJI Gimbal Calibration Error Code 40011

4 thoughts on “How to Fix DJI Gimbal Calibration Error Code 40011”

  1. engboy remitar

    i crashed my drone and gimbal calibration error always eppearing code 40011… how to get rid of this error. i already try to calibrate but still it appears…

    1. If you can’t remove the code after trying everything, it’s likely a hardware issue and you will have to contact DJI Support or a local dealer.

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