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How to Fix DJI Gimbal IMU Data Error (Code 40021)?

DJI error code 40021

If your DJI drone got a gimbal IMU data error (code 40021), you will not be able to fly it. In this guide, we will be discussing what this error code is and provide some methods that may help you out.

What is DJI Gimbal IMU data error?

The Gimbal IMU Data Error (code 40021) is an error that appears after a crash, a gimbal camera replacement, or a mainboard change, or when nothing is wrong, it just comes out.

When you connect your drone to your remote controller, you will be asked to contact DJI Support, and your camera view may probably go black, some pilots also have internal memory and SD card issues like SD card N/A, unable to format. There are also problems like downward vision sensor errors coming together.

dji gimbal imu data error

Because the IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) is essential for keeping your drone stable and level in the air, when this error occurs, you can’t fly your drone until it’s fixed.

So how can we fix this Gimbal IMU error? Below are some methods you can try before you send your drone back for further diagnosis.


Troubleshooting DJI Gimbal IMU Data Error: Code 40021?

After doing a lot of research on forums and social media, it’s believed that this problem is most likely because you replaced one or more drone parts like the gimbal or camera, and the new parts may not pair with the main board.

That is to say, it’s not an issue that can be easily addressed by yourself, but we’ve still figured out a few methods you can try.

1. Calibrate the Drone IMU.

The first and easiest thing you can try is to calibrate your drone’s IMU. As mentioned above, drone IMU is very important for keeping the drone steady in the sky, and you need to make sure you do it correctly. It might be simply because of an IMU calibration problem. If you don’t know how to do it, just check this guide.

2. Contact a local DJI Authorized Dealer.

According to some pilots’ feedback, local DJI-authorised dealers have a way to fix the problem and erase error 40021, it seems DJI has a tool for the after-sales service team to repair this kind of issue, and it’s paid service, the fee varies from country to country. If the cost is not too high and you don’t want to spend too much time dealing with DJI, then it’s recommended.

3. Contact DJI Support.

If your drone is still under warranty and there is no local dealer who can work on this, you should just get in touch with DJI Support for a solution. Normally, you will need to send your aircraft back to DJI and wait for them to fix the drone and send it back to you. It may take a longer time depending on where you are.

4. Fix the error by yourself

If you are a tech guy, and your drone happened to be out of warranty, you can try to mend it by yourself, here is a video tutorial you can follow. It’s a long process and requires you to be knowledgeable of electronics.



After going through the guide, I guess you’ve known what to do next, just choose one or some of the methods according to your specific situation. Good luck and Fly Safe!

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