The Ultimate Guide to DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Hack

DJI Mini 2

This article discusses how you can simulate the Active Track or Follow Me on DJI Mini 2 by using Helix and Circle modes in QuickShots and Return to Home.

As you may have already known that the DJI Mini 2 doesn’t come with ActiveTrack so it’s not able to perform Follow Me on DJI Mini 2. Also, it’s unlikely that DJI will add this popular feature by releasing a firmware update.

How do you hack Follow Me mode on DJI Mini 2?

There are three ways you can use to make DJI Mini 2 Follow Me, we will explain them in detail, tell you how to use it, and the pros and cons of each method.

As mentioned above that DJI Mini 2 has no Active Track so we can only get the Follow Me feature by using the QuickShots and other features.

DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Hack- Using Helix Mode (The Best)

Before we jump into the tutorial, let’s take a look at how the Helix mode can work as Follow me on DJI Mini 2.

The drone will fly upwards and spiral around the subject you select gradually in Helix mode. It also allows you to set the Radius from 20m to 120m according to your preference or the environment. When you set the radius to 120m, the drone will rotate around you at an extremely slow speed, which means the drone will never really catch up with you when you walk. And you will get unlimited tracking shots.

Let’s find out how to use Helix to make your DJI Mini 2 follow you.

Step 1 Find a place where you can send your DJI Mini 2 to at least 120m away e.g. a beach or the peak of a mountain.

Step 2 Take off your DJI Mini 2 and hover at least 2 meters above the ground

Step 3 Then Tap QuickShots -> Helix and then set the radius to 120m and the flight direction.

DJI mini 2 follow me hack

Step 4 Tap on or drag a box of yourself or the person you want the drone to follow on your mobile device screen.

Step 5 Tap Start and start walking in a straight line in the same direction you set for the drone.


1. Make sure your DJI Mini 2 is set to normal mode.

2. Make sure the location is clear of buildings, trees, or other obstacles, or the DJI Mini 2 would easily lose track or start to track other things.

3. Make sure you walk in a straight line.


DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Hack – Using Circle Mode

Before we get into the step-by-step guide, let’s first talk about the logic behind this so you will have a better understanding of how this works.

Basically, when you want to shoot a video using the Circle mode, the drone will fly around the selected object, but if you start to walk right after the drone begins to fly around you, theoretically, that will make the drone never gets in front of you so it won’t be able to fly around you but keep tracking you along.

Step 1 Find an open area and launch your DJI Mini 2

Step 2 Fly your drone to your right side or left. This really depends on your preference and the surrounding environment. DJI Mini 2 has no obstacle avoidance sensors so you need to make sure your drone won’t crash into trees, buildings, or other obstacles when performing the Follow Me shots.

Step 3 Go to QuickShots -> Circle and select the person you want the drone to follow on your mobile device screen.

DJI mini 2 follow me hack

Step 4 Tap on Start and walk in a straight line. Make sure the direction you walk is the same as that you set the drone to circle, otherwise you will not be able to get the Follow Me footage.

Mind your pace, if you walk too fast, the drone won’t lose track, and if you walk too slow, your DJI Mini 2 will start to flying around you to finish the circle video.


1. Make sure your DJI Mini 2 is set to normal mode

2. This will really only work if you’re going in a straight line

3. You need to find the area where there aren’t too many obstacles or interference around you or the DJI Mini 2 would easily lose tracking or start to track other things.


  • The main problem using this method is it would lose the active tracking very easily, you may need to try quite a few times. It’s not very reliable.
  • It’s hard to get natural-looking active track videos because you need to mind your walking pace during the process.
  • You would only get 5 – 10 seconds Follow Me videos.


DJI Mini 2 Follow Me Hack- Using Return to Home (Not recommended)

As this method may easily trigger a screen freeze bug so we won’t talk about this in detail, So you will only get a general idea of how this works.

First, you need to find a place where you can walk in a straight line so your drone won’t crash into any obstacles during the process.

Then get your DJI Mini 2 into the air, and fly it in front of you to somewhere you will stop walking and update your Return to Home location.

DJI mini 2 follow me hack RTH

Next, bring your DJI Mini 2 back to you and make sure the drone is pointing at you.

After that, you can start walking and tap the Return to Home button. The drone will start to fly back to the home point you set. Because the drone is pointing at you, and you are walking along next to your Mini 2, so it acts like Follow Me.


  • It easily triggers a screen froze bug and increases the chance of crashing your drone.
  • Every time you hit the Return to Home button, the drone will turn in the direction of the home point and you need to turn it to point at you.
  • The drone is too fast when returning home. You won’t get usable footage unless you run because it will get over you easily when you are walking.

If you are not familiar with QuickShots, check the following tutorial video.


Does the DJI Mini 2 have Follow Me feature?

if I was out in the mountains or in the countryside somewhere the drone could Active Track next to me and it just meant when I was by myself I could get these shots without needing to use the controller and so it would look much more naturally of me being out running or walking about. But now with the mini 2, I just can’t get the shots without someone else on the controller flying the drone for me.

Why does DJI Mini 2 have no Follow Me feature?

The active tracking feature is not available on the DJI Mini 2.

There are many reasons tied up online as to why active tracking isn’t available on the DJI Mini 2. They range from not having the obstacle avoidance sensors so it’s not safe to do so or the fact that the drone overheats allegedly when active tracking is used.

Can the DJI Mavic Mini 2 track?

Yes. Actually, DJI Mini 2 packs a few smart flights modes QuickShots including Dronie, Rocket, Circle, Helix, and Boomerang. All these auto flights allow you to first select an object and then start to shoot a video by locking the object or fly around it. That means the DJI Mini 2 does have tacking features.

Is DJI Mini 2 Follow Me available in Litchi?

No. the Litchi app is not compatible with DJI Mini 2.

Conclusion: The best way to hack DJI Mini 2 Follow Me

Among the three ways of hacking DJI Mini 2 Follow me, we think the first one using Helix mode in QuickShots is the easiest and most reliable one to go.

The one that goes with Circle mode is not as good as the Helix because the drone would get in front of you very easily.

Using RTH (Return to Home) may cause the screen to freeze, and it’s more complicated to get natural-looking footage, so we really don’t recommend you to do so. If you are interested, you can have a try.

Do you have any other ways to hack DJI Mini 2 Follow Me or Active Track? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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