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How to Fix DJI Drone Error Code 30064

Error 30064 is an error that DJI drone pilots may encounter. Many users reported this issue on forums and social media. This article will discuss all the possible solutions you may need to solve this issue and help you get your DJI drone into the air again.

The following methods are applicable to DJI drones including DJI Air 2S, DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini, DJI Mini 3 Pro, and other DJI drones.

What is error 30064?

DJI Air 2S error 30064

When your drone is in error 30064, you will get a message saying Unable to take off (Code:30064). It won’t let you launch your drone.

How to fix DJI Drone Error 30064?

Updated to the latest firmware

The first thing to do is to check your firmware to make sure it’s up-to-date.

Note: If the error code still exists after the firmware update, then you can try refreshing with DJI Assistant 2 several times for both the drone and controller.

Most pilots’ problems can be solved by updating the firmware. If this still can’t address your issue, then you can try the following methods.

Other Methods you may need to try

  • Remove the DJI Fly App and Install it Again
  • Try a different mobile device. Check if using a different device works.
  • Try a different battery. Use another fully charged battery to see if it works.
  • Calibrate your drone’s IMU when the GPS signal is strong.
  • Make sure the GPS signal is strong enough for flying.
  • Make sure the in-app beginner tutorial is not used.


Send your DJI drone to DJI Support

If all the solutions don’t work for you, then it’s probably a hardware issue and the only thing you can do is to contact DJI Support and send the drone back for further check and repair.

22 thoughts on “How to Fix DJI Drone Error Code 30064”

  1. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your post!!!! I spent days and days of researching and viewing videos; even trying to follow advice on a DJI chat – which was way too fast for my level of tech skills that it do me no good. (I am a lot smarter now and now am aware of the inner workings of my drone and controller than before..) I was so weary that I was getting my Mavic Air 2 and Smart RC ready to ship them to DJI. Late this afternoon I cam across this thread and saw your post about your Error 30064 experience and advice as to what had worked for you. Within a few minutes of reading your post, I had my drone up for a test flight just after sunset! Thanks so much!!!!!!!

  2. Just thought that I would add my recent experience to this. I have an Air2S with the RC Smart Controller. I updated the firmware in the drone and in the RC. This generated a 30064 code and unable to takeoff. I used the latest Assistant 2 program and updated several times. I finally got online with DJI chat and I was told that my Fly app ver 1.4.2 was not the latest. For some reason I thought that it was the latest. Go to DJI Fly download page and download the Android 1.12.0 version. I brought this into my computer, dragged it to SD card, put card in RC, opened File manager and clicked on the file then clicked install. It worked! It is a 10 minute process but I spent hours researching it.

  3. Da quello che ho capito per chi passa allo smart controller deve prima connettere il drone con il vecchio RC e da quello dare il consenso per fare accoppiamento con smart controller

  4. I too just now got the damn cant take off code. It only came on after an update performed. For the 2 grand I spent, I would expect a better. I’m using the $700 remote that was to make it simpler to see and use. I’m am not impressed, not a tech guy, and very PO’d at this point. I don’t know what to do.

  5. I also can’t take off with an error code 300064, I uninstalled and reinstalled the application, nothing worked, I changed my phone (iphone/android) still nothing, I refreshed via dji assistant, still nothing…
    Does anyone have a solution please…

    1. Hi Astom, have you refreshed both your drone and controller’s firmware? If you tried everything and still can’t erased the code, it’s probably a hardware issue, you may need to contact DJI Support.

  6. I downloaded and installed the latest update and then error 30064. I searched and fortunately found this website, deleted dji app on ipad then reinstalled now it works. I am disgusted with dji, I like the drone but I was not able to see anything on dji website for the error. Thank You for your help!

  7. I am using app on my old Iphone 10 for 2 years , then I got this error code. I calibrated compass and IMU , updated firmware but no help. I remember I downloaded same app on my current phone , Iphone 12, but never been used this app, then I switched to it , and it works.

    1. Hi Manny, there are two versions of the DJI Fly app for iOS devices, iOS 11 or above phones are compatible with the latest one, and other devices can only use the old version. That might be the problem why you got this error on your iPhone 10.

  8. Hey guys I have an air 2s also, and I just got rhe same error. I tried everything on here with nothing working. But I am using the smart controller. What did work was me installing the app pak on the controller. And not updating the firmware. Something is wrong with the firmware. And it just recently came out…

  9. What if we use the separate DJI RC controller? There is no fly app to uninstall and reinstall. I flew my Air 2S this morning and it was fine. I updated the firmware and got Error 30064 and can’t do anything now.

  10. I’ll concur, deleting/re-installing the app was the only method that worked for me.

    Going through the DJI Assistant 2 did not work (and I downloaded the latest version from 11/4/2022).

    For those that may have had similar experiences. I made a firmware update at home (via the app). I received confirmation on the app it was successful. I left to go on the shoot and when I got on site, and got the 30064 error code…. ack! Didn’t get the shot I had planned. Lesson learned, check to see you can fly the drone after EVERY firmware update… or wait until after the gig;-)

    I am also flying Air AS2

  11. I have a Air 2S. Every third time I go to fly ther eis some issue.
    I changed recently from my phone smart controller to the DJI RC controller.
    Download latest firmware.
    Got about three flights before Error 30064 unable to take off.
    Tried all the usual things to get it flying again.
    Waited three weeks for a firmware update.
    Nothing. Overall very disappointed with my. DJI Air2S
    I never know is it going to fly or not. Way too complicated

  12. Hi Guys; You’re a life saver! Got a solar survey job today so I did my usual firmware update check and found that there was an update that needed to be installed. I installed it and then got the “Unable to takeoff: Error 30064”. As you suggested, I removed and reinstalled the DJI Fly app on my phone and now my Air 2S is flight ready again. Thanks so much! Fly Safe!
    callsign – BANSHEE

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