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How to Fix DJI Error Code 30008: No GPS Signal?

DJI error code 30008 When your DJI drone gets an error code 30008, you should fly with caution because your drone is unable to hover. In this guide, we will be discussing what DJI error code 30008 is and share some useful methods you can use to fix this issue.


What is DJI No GPS Signal Error: Code 30008?

The error code 30008 is an error related to the GPS signal. When this happens to your drone, you will get a notice on your screen saying No GPS signal. Aircraft unable to hover. Fly with caution (Code: 30008).

DJI Mini 3 Pro, DJI Mini 2, Mavic Mini, and other drone pilots all reported this issue on forums and social media.

It may show up after a firmware update, a crash, or when your try to fly in a location where satellites are blocked.

dji error code 30008

When you fly with no GPS signal, your drone will be in ATTI (Attitude) mode, and you will need to manually adjust your course because your drone keeps drifting. To learn more about this mode, please check this guide:


4 Ways to Fix DJI Error Code 30008

1. Take your drone to an open location. As this error is caused by weak or no GPS, the easy fix is to take it outside or to a place that has no or little interference to test the GPS signal. If your drone has no problem finding satellites, then it should be no problem. If the error code still exists, you can use this tool to check the local satellites:

2. Update or Refresh your Firmware. It’s possible that your drone firmware is not up-to-date or something went wrong during the update process. You can try to update or refresh the firmware to see if works.

3. Reinstall the DJI Fly app. Another thing you can do is reinstall the DJI Fly app on your mobile device. If you use the DJI RC, just make sure the remote controller firmware is in the latest version.

4. Contact DJI Support. If none of the above methods works for you, then you should contact DJI Support for further assistance, you may be asked to send your drone back.


In closing

The DJI error code 30008 is not that common, normally you can fix it by yourself. When it shows up, you can try the above methods and you will be out of trouble. Fly Safe!

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