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DJI Error Code 30085: How to Fix it?

DJI error code 30085

If your DJI drone is suddenly showing an error code 30085, you will not be able to fly your drone. In this post, we will explain what DJI error code 30085 is and provide you with some useful tips and tricks.


What is DJI ESC Connection Error: Code 30085?

DJI error code 30085 is an issue related to ESC (Electronic speed controllers). When this comes up, there will be a warning message saying

ESC connection error. Repairs required. Contact DJI Support for assistance (Code: 30085).

You will also see the Unable to Take Off note in the top right corner of your mobile device or RC screen. Normally, your drone’s rear led light will remain red without flashing.


How to Fix DJI Error Code 30085?

After doing a lot of research, we found that this error is mainly because of a hardware fault. it’s not likely that you can get it fixed by yourself in many cases, but we can still try the following things to see if it works for you.

1. Remove the SD card in your DJI drone and restart the drone. Some pilots tried this and it did work sometimes. If it’s not a hardware issue, then it will solve your problem.

2. Make sure your drone firmware is up-to-date. Sometimes, an old firmware version may cause the issue, so just update your firmware or refresh it to see if the problem is still there.

3. Contact DJI Support for further diagnosis. If the first two things don’t work for you, then you have no choice but to contact DJI Support for assistance. Some pilots got a new replacement, and the new aircraft works just fine.

Depending on your drone’s problem, you may get a replacement or DJI will change the ESC board. If your drone is out of warranty, you will need to pay for the service.



The DJI ESC connection error (Code 30085) is most likely a hardware issue, there isn’t too much you can do, if you tried everything and still can’t erase the error, then don’t hesitate to contact DJI or a local authorized dealer.

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