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16 Methods to Fix DJI QuickTransfer not Working

download dji mini 3 video

DJI QuickTransfer is not working, Aircraft connected to Another Device, or Downloading work failed, or the downloading is stuck at 0%.

These are common issues you may have when using DJI Quick Transfer to download files with your DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini 3 Pro, or Mavic 3.

In this Guide, we go through all the possible reasons why it’s not working and provide you with some effective methods to fix this problem.

DJI QuickTransfer drones: DJI Mini 2, DJI Mini 3, DJI Mini 3 Pro and Mavic 3.


Why is DJI QuickTransfer not working?

dji quicktransfer not working

According to users’ feedback, the QuickTransfer doesn’t function properly mainly because of the following reasons:

  • User error. Simply just didn’t do it correctly or was lack of knowledge.
  • The firmware is not up-to-date. Your drone’s firmware needs to be updated.
  • DJI Fly app is not in the latest version. You are not using the latest DJI Fly app or Android pilots didn’t download the APK file through the DJI website.
  • Phone Cellular data interference. Forget to switch off the cellular network when using your mobile phone.
  • Forgot to turn on WiFi and Bluetooth. When transferring files, your phone needs to be connected to the drone’s WiFi network and Bluetooth.
  • Mobile device issue. Your mobile device is not compatible or has other issues.
  • You turned on the Remote controller.
  • The drone went haywire. The drone has a hardware issue or problems at production.


16 Methods to Fix DJI Mini 3 / DJI Mini 2 / Mavic 3 QuickTransfer not working?

If we know all the possible reasons why it stopped working, then we can try to fix the issue accordingly. Here are xxx methods that are likely to do the trick, most of them were tested by pilots. One or some of them may also work for you.

1. Try it again and make sure you do it correctly. It might be a bit silly to put it here but sometimes it does happen.

2. Reboot your drone.

3. Turn off your remote controller. 

4. Quit the DJI Fly app and restart.

5. Reinstall the DJI Fly app. Make sure you download the latest version, Android users need to download the APK file on the DJI website as it’s not available in Play Store.

6. Update the drone’s firmware.

7. Try a different mobile device.

8. Make sure you are in a place without strong interference.

9. Ensure your mobile device has enough memory.

10. Disconnect your phone’s cellular network. If you have no problem transferring with an iPad or tablet, then it’s probably because of cellular network interference. Some pilots found this effect after turning the cellular off.

11. Enable both your mobile device’s WiFi and Bluetooth. Sometimes it may be just because you forget to turn on your WiFi or Bluetooth, or accidentally turned them off, so your mobile device can’t connect with the drone.

13. Disconnect your home WiFi or any other WiFi your device may be connected to.

14. Set Drone Frequency to Dual-band and Channel Mode to Auto. Go to Settings -> Transmission > Frequency and Channel Mode.

set dji drone frequency band

15. Change your drone’s WiFi name in the DJI Fly app. Just go to settings > about > Change Aircraft WiFi name. Some Mavic 3 pilots solved the problem by doing this, but the thing is every time you restart your drone, you will need to do it all over again.

Change DJI drone wifi name

16. Contact DJI Support or a Local Dealer. If you tried everything and none of the above solutions works for you, it’s most likely that you have a drone issue and the best way is to contact DJI Support or a local dealer.


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