Best Mavic Air 2 Backpacks and Cases for Travel & Hiking

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You have spent at least $799 on your new toy, it makes sense to keep it safe wherever you go. A backpack or case that are specially designed for drones will offer better protection for the Mavic Air 2.

When it comes to the best Mavic Air 2 backpack or case, you need to take more things into account rather than just the price, quality, and capacity. This post covers all the things you need to consider when buying a backpack or case for your drone and recommends a list of the best DJI Mavic Air 2 backpacks and cases around.


Backpack or Case, Which is the right one for you?

Both backpack and case can offer good protection for your Mavic Air 2, but when it comes to safety, portability, capacity, and scenarios, they are different. You will need to figure out your needs first. Here are the Pros of using a backpack or case:

Reasons to choose a backpack:

  • More lightweight and easy to carry than a case
  • More flexible when packing drones and accessories and can also be used for other gears like Action Camera or DSLR.
  • Normally, it’s cheaper than a case.

Reasons to choose a Case:

  • Extremely protective offers the best protection for your Mavic Air 2, can survive more rough situations like when it’s transported as checked baggage, dropping in water or on the ground.
  • Heavier than a backpack, less portable
  • It gives you quick access to your gear than a backpack.


What to look for when choosing a Mavic Air 2 Backpack?


The backpack you choose needs to be large enough to fit your Mavic Air 2 aircraft and all the other accessories. Normally, accessories include 2-3 extra batteries, charger, and car charger, microSD cards, ND filters, mobile devices, a tablet holder, extra propellers. But it differs from pilots to pilots, so just make a list of everything you have and what you may buy in the near future, then you will have a better understanding of what your best backpack should be like.

Material & Durability

Some backpacks made from strong material like ballistic nylon can offer through protection, and keep your gear from water, dropping, harsh temperatures and conditions. They have some sort of sealing around the zippers. Some also include a rain cover.


When taking your Mavic Air 2 out for hiking or traveling, you might need to across vase difficult terrains, or get to the top of high mountains. So comfortability is one of the most important things you should consider.

Backpacks that come with a waist belt is practical because it can help transfer some weight from your shoulders to your hips when walking long distance.


As you may keep adding accessories to your collection, the backpack should be more flexible for customization. Those use Velcro squares come with changeable dividers that will be fully adjustable for resizing.

Many backpacks can also be used as regular bags that you might take to work or on an overnight trip.


Mavic Air 2 only weighs 570g, but you will need to carry a lot of accessories, and all these will significantly increase the whole weight, Is it too heavy to count as carry-on luggage on strict airlines?

Your Specific Needs

Everyone has its own preference when it comes to criteria like color, design, or brand, and some are very subjective.

You will also need to think about the situations that you’ll be using the backpack for. If you’re after landscape shots you’re probably going to be hiking to get them, so choose a comfortable and durable one that has a water bottle holder. If you’re after urban landscapes, a slimmer backpack is more suitable.


What to look for when choosing a Mavic Air 2 Case?

Things you should consider when choosing a case are similar to those of a backpack, but there are two things we would like to talk about specifically.

Weight: If you will be often traveling far from your car, you should be really paying attention to the weight because you will need to hold it in your hand for a long distance.

Size & Capacity: A hard case comes with hollowed-out foam and is almost impossible for you to customize. Make sure you know what items you will carry so you will get the right case size for all your gear.


Best Mavic Air 2 Backpack and Case Review

Lykus M1 Water Resistant Travel Backpack

Weight: 2.6 pounds (1.2 kg)

TheLykus M1 Water Resistant Travel Backpack is a small, lightweight yet versatile bag for taking your Mavic Air 2 out for hiking or light trips. It can be used as a backpack, a shoulder bag, a case, or a crossbody bag.

The dividers made from hard and rigid materials so they can provide solid protection for your drone and accessories even if you may drop your backpack.

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One thing that Mavic Air 2 pilots liked is that it has many pockets that you can rearrange according to what items you have. It can hold your aircraft, batteries, a remote controller, charger, charging hub, ND filters, propellers, microSD cards, iPad Pro, and more. It also has pockets in the front and side for you to store your personal items like keys, wallet, phone, water bottle, power bank, and so on.

People also said that it is very comfortable to wear with the thick padded waist belt and shoulder strap, the weight is distributed very well so you don’t feel heavy.

Though it is water-resistant, it also comes with a rain cover for the whole bag so your gear won’t get wet when running into bad weather.

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Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250

Weight: 2.95 pounds (1.34 kg)

Lowepro DroneGuard BP 250 allows you to pack your Mavic Air 2 and accessories, a 15-inch laptop, a 10-inch tablet, more accessories, and personal items.

The removable dividers inside make it completely customizable, providing you with flexibility for packing your drone and accessories according to what items you have.

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It comes with a durable hardshell in the front, gives you solid protection for the backpack to handle bumps and other situations.

It also has enough space for you to pack your drone and accessories along with a DSLR and lenses.

Carrying this backpack for traveling is also very easy on planes. It fits perfectly under an airline seat so it can be counted as a personal item.

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Vanguard ALTA Sky 51D

Weight: 6.4 pounds (2.9 kg)

The Vanguard Alta Sky 51D is a large versatile backpack that comes with 2 separate compartments. It allows you to carry your drone along with a pro DSLR and attached lenses and accessories. It also has a slot for a 15″ laptop or tablet. Users said that they don’t need to worry about the space when taking all the gear out. The section dividers inside enable you to easily reconfigure the space for flexible storage.

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One of the things that people also liked this backpack is the quick access to your gear without a lot of steps, it allows you to easily get your drone through the rear, top or side.

People also said that the build quality is top-notch, and the comfortability is assured with thick and sturdy shoulder straps. The well-padded waist belt also helps to take some of the weight off on your back.

The zippers are nice, tight, and feel like a good quality zipper.

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TOMAT Waterproof Carrying Case

Weight: 1.6 pounds (0.7 kg)

The TOMAT Waterproof Carrying Case for Mavic Air 2 is a small compact case that fits your Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo. It also has space for your mobile phone or tablet.

If you have more accessories like an extra battery, tablet holder, landing pad, or others, then this case is not suitable.

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It’s made from ABS plastic and EVA material. Though it’s a new case that there aren’t too many users, it would do its job according to other cases TOMAT produced for Mavic Mini and other drones.

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Aliturtle Water-proof Backpack Carrying Case

Weight: 2.4 pounds (1.1 kg)

The Aliturtle Water-proof Backpack Carrying Case is a dedicated backpack for Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo and more accessories. It features a hardshell outer which is made from durable ABS materials and can provide solid protection for your gear.

The Aliturtle Water-proof Backpack is more like a case that you can put on you back. It doesn’t have removable dividers inside for you to customize but comes with foams that can perfectly hold your Mavic Air 2 body and accessories.

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It allows you to pack the Mavic Air 2 aircraft, a Remote Controller, 7 Batteries, a Charging Hub, an AC Adapter, Cables, Propeller Guard, Propellers, and more accessories. It also has space for your phone or tablet like iPad Pro, or a Samsung Galaxy Tab or other mobile devices.

It comes with a soft handle on the top and adjustable shoulder straps, it’s convenient for you to take out for hiking or traveling.

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Go Professional Mavic Air 2 Case

Weight: 4.74 pounds (2.15 kg)

The Go Professional Case is also a dedicated case for Mavic Air 2, it can hold 1 Mavic Air 2 aircraft, 3 extra batteries, 2 sets of ND Filters, a charging hud, a charger, cables, a lens cleaning ped, and a microSD Card Holder as well as spare propellers.

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Go Profesional Cases is a company that produces cases for UAVs, drones, and GoPro. All the products are made in the USA. This case is made from a durable SKB military spec case used by military and industrial leaders. One thing that you will like is that it offers a Lifetime guarantee. So what’s missing? There is no place for you to store your mobile device.

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AmazonBasics Camera and Laptop Backpack

Weight: 3.09 pounds (1.4 kg)

The Amazon Basics Backpack was first designed for DSLR and Laptop, but its inside dividers are customizable so you can adjust them to fit your Mavic Air 2 aircraft and accessories. It also comes with a computer compartment that allows you to store a 17″ laptop or tablet. If you want a backpack that can hold your Mavic Air 2 and a DSLR and accessories, the Amazon Basics won’t disappoint you.

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The wide shoulder straps, adjustable waist, and chest straps make it very comfortable to wear when loaded with all your gear.

It looks just like an ordinary backpack you would carry for everyday use, some users said that it makes your gear more secure because it doesn’t look like a ‘camera backpack’ so it won’t become an easy target in crowded places.

People do have complaints, some said that the computer compartment zippers may open if not zipped to one side or the other. The side pockets are a bit small for water bottles.

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As mentioned above every pilot’s specific needs are different, so we try to make this list include as many styles as possible for you to choose. If you just want a backpack dedicated to your Mavic Air 2 and accessories, the Lykus M1 Water Resistant Travel Backpack is the best option. The Aliturtle Water-proof Backpack Carrying Case is one of the few cases that are available for Mavic Air 2. The Vanguard Alta Sky 51D is ideal for those who want more space for not only the Mavic Air 2 but also a pro DSLR and lenses.


Tips and tricks for packing your Mavic Air 2 for travel

Packing a drone for traveling is pretty much the same as packing your luggage. But there are a few common-sense tips that might often be overlooked. Here are some small tricks you may use for providing your Mavic Air 2 with extra security and preventing any accidental damage.

Attach the Gimbal Protector

Some pilots especially beginners may often forget to attach the gimbal protector after flying. The gimbal protector can prevent the camera from collision, dust, and water, most importantly, it protects the camera lens from damage during transportation.

Remove the battery

This will make sure that your Mavic Air 2 won’t be accidentally turned on without your notice. If this happens, it may damage the gimbal because when the drone is powered on, the gimbal will start rotating for flying preparation. But your gimbal is protected by the gimbal cover.

Detach the control sticks

All the DJI Mavic drones after the first generation Mavic Pro use the new design that allows you to detach the control sticks and store them on the remote controller, this will help you to save more space and make it more convenient for transportation.

Always put the heaviest at the bottom

If you are taking the drone and other gear like a computer, tablet, or other things, make sure you put the heaviest at the bottom so that your backpack will always stand upright when set on the ground.

Use a tracking device

When you are on holiday, one of the worst things that may happen is losing your backpack. A tracking device like a Tile Sticker could be helpful and increase the chance of getting it back.

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