The Best Skin/Wrap for Mavic Air 2

DJI Mavic Air 2 only has one color and not everyone is a fan of that light gray look. Luckily, you can easily find a customized drone skin for your Mavic Air 2. These skins allow you to wrap the Mavic Air 2 aircraft, remote controller, and batteries, it can not only provide protection but also show your personality, passion, and love for your drone.

After doing research on quite a few Mavic Air 2 skins and reading real users’ reviews, we have compiled a list of best Mavic Air 2 wraps including different designs, I think you can easily choose one according to your preference.

Why you need a skin for your Mavic Air 2?

If you often take your Mavic Air 2 out for traveling, hiking, and outdoor, using a skin may help to protect your drone from scratch, water and dirt.

If you don’t like the light gray color and want to make your drone stand out, a Mavic Air 2 wrap can help to customize your drone to show your personality.

Skin is also a good way to cover the scratches or even the scars that are already existed on the aircraft.


What makes a good drone skin/wrap?

When choosing the best Mavic Air 2 Skin, the following things are what we should consider before buying.

Is it easy to apply?

A good drone skin will save you a lot of time and trouble to apply, and you won’t need special tools like a hairdryer, it usually has a more detailed user manual, some even feature a video that can guide you through step by step. Things will be much easier and the end result will also be more satisfying.

Is it easy to remove?

Let’s face it, any skin or wrap for you Mavic Air 2 may fade or be broken as time goes by, sometimes you may simply just don’t like it anymore, so it’s only a matter of time that we will remove it. A good drone wrap comes with better adhesive and won’t ruin your drone’s shell after removing.

Is it designed accurately?

Just imagine, you spend a lot of time reading the manual, watching the tutorial and finally you get your work done, but the awkward thing happens, the wrap is not fit precisely and your Mavic Air 2’s logo is covered. A good Mavic Air 2 skin should be designed accurately and cut precisely so it will fit the drone perfectly.

What is the material of the wrap?

Another important thing you should look at is the material. Those made from good materials tend to last for a longer time and work better for your Mavic Air 2. 3M or even automotive-grade wrap films are usually seen on good Mavic Air 2 skins.

Do these wraps affect the drone’s weight and range?

No. A Mavic Air 2 wrap is lightweight, normally it only weighs less than 10 g, it won’t be a problem for the drone’s whole weight, let alone the flight performance.

Just like a case to your phone, it’s a sticker to your drone, so it won’t affect the control range. The material is usually high quality 3M automotive-grade wrap films.


Best Mavic Air 2 Skins

Wrapgrade Main Unit


The Wrapgrade Mavic Air 2 Skin uses high-quality 3M automotive-grade wrap films. It’s very easy to install. Users said that they are great decals for their Mavic Air 2, it sticks very well and is easy to bend into curves.

The only thing that you may don’t like is that it really takes some time and patience to apply the sticker to your drone.

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SopiGuard Skin for DJI Mavic Air 2

Note: The SopiGuard Skin has more than 40 designs for you to choose from.

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Protective Film PVC Stickers (Shark Red)


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Waterproof PVC Stickers Decal Skin

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If you prefer to make your own skin, then you can find a Mavic Air 2 Skin Template here.

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