Mavic Air 2 Big Updates in Q3: Gimbal/Camera/Exposure Settings and More!

Mavic Air 2 quickly took the spotlights from others even before release. It comes with all the bells and whistles at a very affordable price. But the DJI Fly app and the missing of some important features that many users like has caused a lot of complaints.

According to the reply from the DJI GO PM team in the Chinese DJI Forum, they have received tons of feedback from Mavic Air 2 users all around the world and are now working on the improvement.

dji fly update plan

For Mavic Air 2 pilots, this is good news, but you won’t see this happen until this Q3. That means the earliest update won’t come until July.

Here are the highlights of what they promised to improve in Q3:

1. Attitude Indicator

They promised there will be a better way to replace the Attitude Indicator so it will be easier for us to learn to know the drone status. Their initial purpose is to try to remove all the distractions for pilots when flying a drone with DJI Fly, I have to say this works pretty good for new and beginner pilots, but a lot of Mavic Air 2 users are getting used to DJI GO 4 and just want the Attitude Indicator back. Let’s see what they will bring.

2. Camera Settings & Exposure Settings

The DJI GO PM team said that all these will be improved as a special project. I guess there might be a firmware update for Camera & Exposure settings.

3. Pre-plan Waypoints

They said that this will likely be only available on high-end drones. But you can still expect when using Hyperlapse.

4. Flight Simulator

According to the reply, there will be a new version that would offer you more controls, just like playing a game. But it’s may take even longer.

5. Livestreaming, HDMI, D-log and Vertical shot

These requests will be considered later along with others brought by smaller groups. I guess they will need to sort out these non-mainstream ones to see if they have enough resources and manpower to get it done.



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