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DJI Mavic Mini 2: Rumors, Leaks, Specs & Release Date So Far

Updated October 26

Mavic Mini 2 Unboxing


  • Ultralight and Foldable | Less than 249g
  • 31-Min Max Flight Time
  • 10km Ocusync 2.0 HD Video Transmission
  • 85.-10.5 m/s (Level 5) Wind Resistance
  • 3-Axis Gimbal Camera | 4K Video
  • Panorama | QuickShots | One-Tap Videos


Updated October 22

Mavic Mini 2 Leaked Phones

DJI Mavic Mini 2

Mavic Mini 2 Release Date: When will DJI Mavic Mini 2 come?

DJI is likely to launch the Mavic Mini 2 on November 5. Mavic Mini is an entry-level drone that has a much wider audience than other DJI drones. It’s under 250g and comes at an affordable price. Maybe this is the main reason why it has the highest priority than other rumored drones or gimbal products.

Mavic Mini 2 Price

According to Adorama’s leakage, the price for DJI Mavic Mini 2 is a little bit higher than the first generation. The Mavic Mini 2 Fly More Combo is $599 ($100 more than Mavic Mini Fly more combo), the Mavic Mini 2 is $449 (Mavic Mini is $399).

mavic mini 2 price

mavic mini 2 price


It’s been almost a year since the Mavic Mini release, and now the Mavic Mini 2 is on the way. More and more signs are showing that DJI will launch the new version soon.

According to FCC, a new application by DJI shows that it will release a new drone named ‘Camera Drone’, MT2PD. The image also shows that the new Camera Drone uses the same way to install the battery.

dji mavic mini 2 rumors

DJI Mavic Mini 2 Specs

According to the Russian e-commerce website:, Mavic Mini 2 will be capable of 4K videos and 12 MP photos.

mavic mini 2 specs


Apparently, the Mavic Mini 2 will be capable of 4K videos, and the price is also higher than Mavic Mini, the question is will it still keep its weight under 250g?

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