The Best Skin/Wrap for DJI Mavic Mini


mavic mini skins and wrapsLooking to take your Mavic Mini to the next level by giving it a unique, custom feel to it? You need to invest in a skin for your drone.

There are literally hundreds of designs out there from cool and collected, to completely out there and outrageous. No matter your personal taste, a drone wrap is the perfect way to protect it from any knocks and scrapes while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Buying Guide: What Makes a Good Drone Wrap?

Ready to take your drone to the next level? Let’s take a look at what makes a good drone skin/wrap.

Precision logo cutouts

The quality of the skin will have a direct impact on how well the logo cutouts are positions and cut.  Higher quality wraps will be cut more precisely so as not to ruin the aesthetic of the drone and to ensure that the wrap integrates with the drone design seamlessly.


Different skins are made from varying types of materials/stickers. From our personal experience, we find that those made from 3M adhesive tend to work the best with the Mavic Mini drone (and others too!)


Coverage is a big thing when it comes to wrapping your drone in a stylish new skin. When researching all the different options, we found that some wraps can leave empty spaces/lines on the drone where the skin hasn’t quite covered everything. Sometimes, this can look pretty cool, but we prefer a more complete look. We discovered quickly that the higher quality drone wraps gave full coverage of the drone without leaving any gaps.

Ease of application

Skins/wraps can be extremely tricky to apply and the end result relies on your ability to apply the wrap successfully and with precision. Having said that, higher quality drone skins are way easier to apply than poorer quality ones. Additionally, any good skin manufacturer will be sure to include a detailed instruction manual, or at the minimum identify each piece on the wrap; some manufacturers even have videos to guide you through the application.

Protective covers

The interior of the arms on the Mavic Mini is made from a soft material, which can easily be damaged if and when you decide to remove the skin or replace it with a new one. Some skin manufacturers have been forward-thinking about this and have included little protective stickers to put on these areas before you apply the wrap so that you don’t damage your drone. Other manufacturers just don’t provide a wrap for that area.


The Top Three Skins/Wraps for the Mavic Mini

With all the above factors in mind, let’s take a look at the top wraps for the Mavic Mini.

Mighty Skins for Mavic Mini

Mighty Skins offers a wide range of drone skins/wraps for the Mavic Mini and other DJI drones. They offer some pretty ‘out there’ colors and designs that are sure to make your drone stand out and the skin is made from 3M car-quality vinyl in the USA.

The skin is applied and removed easily, however it doesn’t come with full instructions. Nevertheless, you can probably work out what piece goes where, as it’s not overly difficult.

It boasts a full-coverage design with the exception of the backs of the arms and there is no cutout for the logo. The cutout for the remote controller, however, is near perfect and is a reflection of the high quality of this drone skin.

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Rantow Skins for Mavic Mini

Rantow offers a wide range of wraps for the Mavic Mini and they serve as a great budget option for those wanting to swap and change their drone color often.

Our users said that they felt this product was a great ‘middle of the road’ drone skin that provides decent coverage for over half the price you’d normally pay for a drone wrap. However, the coverage isn’t full and you’ll only have the wrap for the top of the drone. Nevertheless, it still gives a pleasing aesthetic.

You’ll be provided with a wrap for both the remote control and the drone itself and the material is made from a PVC sticker.

The skin is applied easily and sticks well, however, a downside seems to be that the DJI cutout is a little off. It’s not crazy noticeable but could be offputting for some.

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Wrapgrade for Mavic Mini

Out of all the skins we’ve featured today, Japanese-based company Wrapgrade seems to deliver in every aspect, offering exceptional full coverage for the Mavic Mini drone and its remote controller.

The wrap is made from a high-quality 3M vinyl that is easy to apply and remove without the need for any heat. It also comes with a detailed instruction manual. Need further assistance? They also have YouTube content to help you apply your Mavic Mini’s wrap. Some users reported, however, that it took them a long time to install the skin – which is partially probably due to practice. The video tutorial itself is thirty minutes long and is fairly detailed.

The backs of the arms are protected before wrap application using a thin clear sheet of plastic which isn’t noticeable through the skin afterward. Their army bumpy camo color is particularly interesting as it’s embossed for a three-dimensional feel/effect and you can order additional accent pieces to create a completely custom look to your drone.

It is the most expensive wrap we featured today, however considering the benefits of avoiding scuff and scratches to your Mavic Mini plus the cool look, we’d say it’s worth the extra few bucks!

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The Verdict: What’s the Best Mavic Mini Skin/Wrap

Out of the wraps we featured today, we recommend investing in the Wrapgrade skin for Mavic Mini. It’s a great all-rounder and the designers have put a lot of thought into all the intricacies of designing the perfect skin wrap for drone pilots.

If you’re on a budget and are willing to sacrifice some coverage, the Rantow skin provides an ‘accessible for all’ option.

What about your thoughts? Have you used any of the above skins with the Mavic Mini? Or have you wrapped another drone? Let us know below!


Please note that the Mavic Mini was designed so it would weigh under the 250g limit for registration per CAA and FAA rules. The skin will add some weight to it meaning you’ll hit the 250g threshold for registering your drone. So, don’t forget to register your Mavic Mini with the local aviation authorities if you intend on adding a skin.

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  1. I’m looking for a full vinyl wrap on my DJI mini se. And I would like to know if there’s a possible way that I can incorporate my FAA numbers also

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