Ryze Tello Iron Man Edition: Fly Like A Hero

The Chinese startup Ryze Tech launched a new edition of its Tello – Tello Iron Man Edition on April 3rd.

tello iron man edition photo

What’s new?

Iron Man Design. As you can tell from the name, it’s the result of a cooperation with both DJI and Marvel. Compared to the normal edition, the Iron Man Edition features a new shell that includes the Heroic Arc Reactor. It looks pretty cool and would be attractive to Marvel fans, especially fans of Iron man.

Dedicated Tello Hero App. The App comes with this special edition is also a big update. It features iron man’s AI assistant FRIDAY. Before connecting the drone, FRIDAY will guide you through some missions and how to fly the drone.

tello iron man edition side image

Two New Accessories. The propellers and propeller guards come with the drone are also available on DJI Store.

If you’ve already got a Tello like me and want to try the new App, you can just leave it, it seems that the Tello Hero App is not compatible with the Tello and Tello EDU.

Price. The Tello Iron Man Edition is priced at $129 / £129 / €139, and are available on both the DJI US and EU stores.

To sum up, everything is the same except the Iron man design shell, the upgraded control App, and the price.

Is it worth buying?

As you can see from the above, the major difference is only the shell and the App. If you are not a fan of Iron man or Marvel, you should just stick to the $99 version, no need to pay the extra $30 for something you don’t need. If you are crazy about Marvel or looking for a gift for Marvel fans, just grab one before it’s sold out.

Learn more on dji.com

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